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  1. Instead of say "thanks" be preparing better a good and long COMPENSATION, cuz this 2 weeks u really make the game unplayable, we dont want angel cat buff, or gm buffs, no, not more of this ****, we want at least 2 weeks of 300% more base exp, A REAL 300% BASE EXP, not the **** that u always say and at the end are only like 100% real. now is my turn to say, THX FOR UR UNDERSTANING our lovely DEV TEAM! PD: for future updates, be sure u have the neccesary to handle it before bring it to ncwest servers
  2. New Debuff System

    dont know about u, but with the tanks from ur clan i have the posibility to talk, we are agree about same. even on siege was a big difference, as i haved 0 control on enemy healers/dds, my dds/healers also suffer 0 control, no needed perma angel touch on my main dd. about olys, probably my char was the char with best stun setup from server, now i decide to sell all tyrr gear cuz stop to be able to stun a ****, now healers have more succes of "sleep debuff" than a tyrr or tank stun for example
  3. After we got the new "suplemental fafurion update" wich change all Debuffs, i thing we deserve to know if u have plans to classes like Tanks in general or Tyrrs like dreadnoguht and doombringer wich his base was the "stun". Nowdays with all jewels giving protection of what was old "mental debuff" or "silence", the tank on pvp is not more than a box to make UD, stop to have mass/individual control, and the tyrr stuners, his stun succes rate went down to 0, why ? cuz also now all jewels give "confusion def/atk", and if u want use it for pve, every update the mobs or new areas get stun protection. so the question is, u have any plans to make worth again this classes ? or our awesome DEV TEAM is only focus on find a way to bring items to the game wich only boost damage damage and damage
  4. CURSED WEAPON - Naia Timezone

    no matter the time, still will be the same ppl fighting for the control of the weapon, on max fuhu and llll. on the other side overdps and exeqtor. is not a problem of time, is a problem of the ppl just dont want to participate, or why at any hour of the day, there is no ppl hunting the owner of the cursed sword ? so its usless a change of time
  5. cuz for that they have "RolanZ, a box person who always report ppl w/o valid reasons on a weak try to ban ppl what he cannot do on game cuz he is totally usless, he compensate it with a report/ticket mass rain every week

    macro is already enought, no reason to continue "improving it" so ppl will not need to be close to the screen anymore as already start to happen
  7. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    nice propaganda InsaneLoly, i was on a break week so hope u take more photos of my char being boxed, about avoid and hide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pveKAnOw-2Y&t=1050s im not the one who stay trashtalking from a box instead to come and pvp like u littlepony Anyway, u are free to tell me the name of the RB wich ur pt will start tomorrow, tomorrow i back and lets see how untagged and dead i will be ;D
  8. Clan Dragon Hunters Recruit CP/solo pvp players 106+ for daily pvp actions / clan events pm me here or mail in game "BobOrc , "Ozzy , "ElManiaco
  9. Clan Dragon Hunters Recruit CP/solo pvp players 106+ for daily pvp actions / clan events pm me here or mail in game "BobOrc , "Ozzy , "ElManiaco
  10. CP LF TANK 106+

    CP LF TANK 106+ with good gear and daily activity for more info pm BobOrc on game
  11. When u are in a Clan that is register on siege in any castle, during the 2 hrs of siege, u cant use the teleport sistem, the only way that u can move is through the teleport from clan hall, or moving a box (not register on siege) and then jump on it
  12. @Juji any info about why at SoS is giving less exp than before update ? if is supose u increment the exp there ?
  13. @Hime @Juji there will be any COMPENSATION for the Unscheduled server maintenance + lags + mass dcs + bugs while my exp boost are runing ??? i will apreciate i will get an answer and will not be the usless angel cat buff, lf 2 weeks exp 200/300%
  14. @Hime @Juji so in how many days after the update we will be able to play ? after fix the mass dcs, perma lag, servers down, ss bug etc etc ? or we can expect a good job from the dev team and dont have all of this issues after the update ?