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  1. BERSERKER MODE wasnt luck......I think it was achievable when you was going 82 lvl (as people say) on the beggining of server....or it was purchased from codex but codex 4 is not dropped anywhere now
  2. @WutWutWut WHY to be purchasable on the first days of the server and now the players who started after 1 or 2 years cant but it? this is unfair.....then Olympiadmanager aka Antonishutin AKA VIP10 rulles all the bosses without competition.....
  3. @Juji WHY olympiadmanager in classic Giran has BERSERKER MODE? and the rest of the server doesnt? MAYBE you must fix the server from the core? Olympiadmanager farms all the raid bosses he stays 80 lvl to farm Zaken and 75 80 RBs due to this BERSERKER MODEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT THE REST OF THE SERVER DOESNT HAVE......why to hit 2.000.000 critical damage on ZAKEN 80 lvl? have you ever entered the server to check it????
  4. @TheReaper @Juji Zaken was 80 lvl and it was dieing by lotus in 5 seconds (NO EXAGERATIONS) we tried multiple time (immortals) with titans with S weapons +16 to take it but drops always go to the same person...we all know who....who makes a living out of a game...!!! This only has as a result for many serious players droping the server/game....stop covering them up.....take countermeasurs for other allainces/people to farm these Epic raid bosses.....it matters a lot....this change only will have a huge impact on the health of the server.....
  5. @Juji Gavlomaxos here!!!! Please consider making the world raid bosses (which you now, correctly made 85 lvl) PVP area.....so that the strongest alliance can farm them....otherwise again 1,2,3 guys will only be killing them, with their overpower Titans (we all know who they are) and farm them to RMT and make a living from a game......there are people that made lineage their job and this is totally unhealthy for a game, you lose hundreds of players (clients) from this fact! Make it PVP area in order for clan vs clan, alliance vs alliance to fight over who will get the raid boss and make them s
  6. The map is really small and there is huge PVP/PK to get a spot to farm adenas or exp....why don't we get the original full map of the link bellow? I understand that the bellowed map is not from old school lineage, but what we play is not the old school lineage, so it makes sense! https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/monster-level-map/
  7. People request NCSOFT do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying Ncoin : Game Economy : As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items from L2 Store Events. We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game! Adena : decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : Abandoned Camp Ruins of Agony Ant Nest
  8. Ah and also thank you for not being able to see the debuffs or even bugging the RBs to not get debuffed so that we wont farm antharas/baium and drop A-S weapons....only to aquire from event boxes.......
  9. @Juji @Hime thank you for responding with great solutions to the Server fix article of Wody and listening to the needs of the few still playing people who are about to quit....thank you for not fixing exp zones (imperial tomb,LOA,ketra,varka need 9x iEddies and 9x Antonishutins to farm). Thank you for the not fixing PK ponys who destroyed the server more than your pay to win policy does. Thank you for not fixing Overlord attribute bug. Thank you for not keeping the old school drop database and nerfing the material drop rates and item drop rates. Thank you for not being able to sell not only NG
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