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  1. Now go ahead and calculate the adena profit coming from hunting considering that 7 out of 10 mobs drop adenas.
  2. Wtb atuba mace +3 4kk. Please mail me on game nickname : onoffon Thank you
  3. Thank you for your reply. Cruma is out of the question because i am low lever for that aera. Fogotten temple i tried it many times and i got pked or harassed sadly. I think i am in a bad situation and i cant handle it and i dont want to quit playing because i realy love this game.
  4. Hello fellow players, I have been playing l2 since it was first released back in the 2004. I dont want to depente on other people and i just enjoy game playing on myself and my buffbot, I have reached lvl 35 and i simply cant solo in any areas because it is not simply worth (meaning on adenas)... Can you recomment me an area to lvl and farm some adenas? i am currently farming in oren's areas but still i think its kinda waste. I am about to quit the game because i cant even gather adenas to buy myself my SS, Thank you very much
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