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  1. it's not possible. You can just set hp potions.
  2. put soulshot in skill bar, then make macro with it. works like automatic soulshot
  3. tyrant lvl 69 with decent gear looking for cp with active people, login time 3+ hours daily.
  4. thanks guys, i think i will with nuker + empower
  5. i'm solo player with tyr lvl 46, but i want to create another char to make adena at lvl 20~40, what is the best class option?
  6. i'm a orc monk lvl 36 and i have cleric lvl 35, should i go for pp or bs?(remembering that spellbooks for pp are almost impossible to buy and drop)
  7. orc monk arma top d grade shop com set joias elven, também possuo char secundário cleric lvl 35
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