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  1. if that is true then its worst then... not having an idea of what is going on or even how to fix it suck balls and in the end the project will fail but thye will keep the money
  2. giving my opinion and getting attacked best internet ever.... im not the only one that think like this or similar, im not saying "do what i want" but it seems that people only read what they want... anyways keep it coming i love this... just keep giving them your money
  3. I just tell it as it is and what I see every day when I log in, people with multiple dual boxes and no ss... its is a constant grinding with no end... i do have a party and quest would be nice something else to do than hitting the same mob over and over and over for ever, obviously a dual box wont work in a pvp. but well.. I just tell it like i see it, i dont look for a 1 week end game.. but somethgin more realistic.. 1 hour a day you dont do much and will fall behind just my 2 cents.. they did this for the money not for us just keep that in mind
  4. Ok, Im just going to rant here because im bleeping tired of all this hell hardcore extreme level grinding. I started playing L2 when it was C1 or C2 cant remember (illegal servers) so when I was 17yo and jump from server to server because friends, some friends played the legal version and it took them YEAAARS to get high level and gear etc, now we are bleeping old now and have wifes, kids, jobs, a life pretty much and ncsoft decided to lunch this Classic mode which fine bring back memories and its "fun" but reality is another one. spending hours to just level from 20 to 21 i aw
  5. Hello, I am VIP 1 and noticed that im not getting 5% but less... for example 900xp bonus shoul have been 45.. I get 42, and pretty sure you are like "omg that is only 3 points"... well yes 1. its false advertisement 2. its a lie to say 5% and its not 3. this freaking game is brutal hardcore annoying etc when it comes to leveling so yeah... i want my 5% to be 5% not less I tried to add my screenshot but it seems that I cant...
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