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  1. Character: iINoLife - Server: Naia
  2. chocolate milk and milk is a different story but as u wish
  3. Original first of all go and drink a warm chocolate milk and maybe thats help you for calm down When you drinked your stuff check this link https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21692-power-rush-event-details-live/ Enjoy.
  4. WTB R110 Leather Set +10 pm me here or ingame iinolife ty
  5. Guys any solution for Telekom users to connect? We lost runes, talismans, packs and event because we still cant connect from Hungary...im hope you hear our voice
  6. Im hope you will check why we cant login from Hungary...
  7. NC Launcher dont work again same problem like yesterday. I never wrote offensive things but this is absurd. I think this "server upgrade" is a big lie to this community. Server worst than before and last maintance delayed two or three times. I cant farm 6 hr in zone without dc and now i cant log back, so big thanks and respect for NC Soft. Greetings from Hungary
  8. Nobody cares about Prestige Pack subscription. They will never ask you to buy Prestige soo...wtf wrong with people? It's 15 $ / month my gosh not 150 for make cry all the time... Interestingly, I can log everytime when i want and i can farm in game with Prestige and Destiny pack etc... so guys you need should grow up and stop posting this bull*** every time don't you guys realize they aren't dealing with it? cmon Its a Free To Play game
  9. You will get some Gemstone R for compensation.
  10. Make NCStore Shop in every Country, so you can go there and buy prestige pack for cash.... lmfao
  11. WTT + 15 Elmore cloak 15% P. Skill critical dmg for 15% P. critical dmg
  12. +1 This instance is waste of time for that amount of xp what you get.
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