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  1. clan reputation after salvation

    This is madness. Or... my calculations are wrong. If you work on general clan quests, one gives 150 crp. You can do 18 q/char per week. It gives 2700 crp per person. If you want to make lvl 7 its about 1000, one thousend weeks. Lvl 6 clan can have 80 chars, it means for full clan it takes 13,7 weeks to achive that. 3+months. Madness? How clan w/o good buffs and rewards can keep 80 active ppl... for 3 months... hahaha bloody insane
  2. clan reputation after salvation

    Hello. I just started to wander how to get such massive amounts of clan reputation. Clan leveling for small/new clans looks not to atractive. Level 6: 965,000 CRP Level 7: 2,690,000 CRP Level 8: 4,050,000 CRP such a big jump between lvl 6 and lvl 7. And does it reset clan reputation after clan lvl up? My clan after Salvation update is lvl 6 with only 98k clan rep points, it doesnt even get to lvl 5 cap which is 560k. Regards