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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    True... i can go also to other server with transfer
  2. omg fak off rly.. we can never play this servers...
  3. And where is info? twitter 0 info and forum 0 info...
  4. True about BOT's and NCSOFT!!! PROOF

    This is how NCsoft ban bots:D
  5. just take it as You want: admin Posts: 214 Hey. We gathered most facts about NA classic here and ready to share with you guys. Please take seriously what is said here and read it very carefully. Strictly prohibited to: Never run updater.exe when L2 is running (XIGNCODE has it signature blocked). Never run latest versions from bot's updater (NA classic requires private fix) because it can be easily fixed by antibot developers and lead to bans. Never open L2 without bot running (when bot is not injected, antibot will not be disarmed). More information about bans: Current bans are still small % of overall botting population, so nothing indicates that they have automated way to detect bots, otherwise banwave could be huge. In-game reports are for sure one of the main reasons of bans. GMs confirmed on stream they have dedicated team to check reports (even if it was just 1) and recently there was in-game announcement to don't abuse report button. New accounts made in sloppy way can get flagged for ban no matter if was used at all (2-3 days delay is known from past). Using IP which was previously linked with banned accounts WILL increase chance of getting re-banned (but not in automated scheme, because sharing same IP is legit in some parts of world). Some of delayed bans can happen from offline checks (combat time/high kill count/or any other counters) on your account, after someone sent ticket with video of your bots. It was mentioned multiple times that people can get banned after payments, possibly caused by false-positives from their fraud protection (not related to botting). Running more than 3 accounts from same PC with XIGNCODE running can increase chance of getting banned, based on same HWID/UID used on non-legit amount of connections. After 3 in-game reports, your character will be challenged with ingame captcha, if you fail to answer it in 20mins you will get debuff reducing stats, on top of that, chance of getting banned will be HIGHLY increased. Changes of IP/country of connection can increase chance of getting banned. Its confirmed they factor that in their decisions. It is not confirmed in any way, but if they use any pattern recognition, making your botting profile more human-like can help from getting banned: target selection pause (Target search tab) random restarts (just to character selection will be fine) when running 2 or more characters together, try to randomize settings for attack/relax so it isn't done in exactly same time.
  6. Bots, they don`t care...

    I've reported them 1 week ago on suport center and in game and what? they are stil online?:D i even got mail that they got banned:d
  7. This is how we all should play!?

    Here is secend video of same bots https://youtu.be/amiUAJckLbM
  8. This is how we all should play!?

    Hello. 1st of all i already reported them using support center but nothing happend. 2nd I see them botting like few days, this T0rtank got lot of times debuff BOT but guess what? NOTHING! 3rd There is more groups botting like this in every common spot, how Admins can be so blind? (Sry for low Quality but recording with my main resolution 1min file is like 3GB) https://youtu.be/F1V9tX75Z5E Always same schemat for attack etc, siting cuz low mana I know that bot's are common think on ALL L2 servers but not common is that GM's are doing nothing! Sry i will say this but i spend some money here and i rly think better option will be to buy adrenaline for 20$/month and don't give a fak about beeing scary for BAN since bot's are farming like few weeks and nothing happen to them... * For all trolls etc: I'm not crying, I'm not newbie, I'm not kid. This is just simply proof that You can bot here without any kind of problem even if you get reported in game or in support center.. *For Admins and Mod's Do not try to delete or close this topic cuz WE ARE FREE! WE CAN SPEAK! WE CAN SHOW PROOFS! WE CAN CUZ IT IS DEMOCRACY!
  9. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    i log in after server restart.. played like 2h went to play CS ( didnt close L2) i'm back after 30min and guess what?:D im Disconnected:D and now i'm in fakin Queue...
  10. thanks again for you unproffsionalism

    i was online but nw im 170 in Queue... thx NCsoft.. ( it is clearly not my fault) My internet connection and all other apps didn't stop working even for 1s but your server yes.. and now i spend again fakin few hours of playing "Queue simulator 2k18" eh.... why i even spend here 1 cent....
  11. thanks again for you unproffsionalism

    I mean i dint get disconected by my side Yes i know it was restart i log in after i made some EXP etc got buff Hallowen for 4H and went to play CS i back in l2 window and 2 of them disconnected;/ and it only means i lost my 4h buff and today's gift hallowen ( and now i need candy since hallowen buff item start to dissapear) My internet is working 4days without problem... last time i didn't get gift cuz i was DEAD and where it is wrotten that dead characters can not recive halloween gift? lol
  12. Went for Halloween buff got it. Farm a bit and friends call me to play some Counterstrike ok i left my l2 open played CS finished went to my l2 window and guess what? i got DC now ok you can say my internet went down or something.. hm.. funny think that i didn't got any dossconect from TS And as you can see on 2nd screen my internet is online without any disconnect since 4Days etc I got DC in L2 ok no problem they problem is I lost halloween buff, can not take again and i will not get my reward today... WTF
  13. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Let's GO!!!! only 18 players left!
  14. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    im non vip since 17 hours .. still 19 people in front of me to log in...