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  1. On Talking Island server, there`s a full bot party for over 48 hours farming non-stop on the same orc barracs spot (where the raid boss spawns). It's weekend, Orc Barracs are full of people and I'm pretty sure dozens of people already reported this party. And yet, nothing happens. This game come to a point where people are botting a full party on a highly crowded place and NCSoft do nothing.
  2. Does running around like an idiot for hours make the game any deeper or it's just plain boring? I don't see any reason to have a cost to teleport.
  3. I have to agree this is worse than illegal servers. Specially about botting, where they are banning legit players but bots can do w/e they want
  4. Same thing for me: spoiling on spider's next, 3 bots around me. They locked my spoiler and SE's account. 3 days later, the same bots are on the same spot. Do you guys realize how pathetic is to a company to ban legit players while the server is crowded with bots?
  5. Bring back the auction house + an Android / iPhone app so we can operate the market while on the go!
  6. That would kill a vital part of the game, which is to go afk while hitting npcs!
  7. So we can just d/c everyone afk shopping or fishing? Brilliant idea! /sarcasm
  8. I know there's a lot of topics complaining about the queue issue, but what I'm going to suggest, while is about the queue, it's a different. The thing is, whenever our client or internet crashes, we are back to the beggining of the queue, being VIP or not. My suggestion is to save the spot for a player that is online and crashes, for something like 5 minutes. It should be enough to that person comeback, if that's the case. It's really annoying to have parties being screwed because someone crashes and get back to queue.
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