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  1. I'm at work and wondering if I read the store update right talking about css and bssc being in store?
  2. Much better now, great work on this btw, now to wait for new server so i can use this ;p fast level. I got idea but probably not important so no rush, when you move cursor over the spot 1 or spot 2 etc the number on map highlights. That's all I can think of at the moment but it's nice map. Not many people know about exp from them kinda wish i did only thing it help was I had more SP to spend
  3. I feel the your pain since grinding without shots sucks, and being summoner you don't have that great spell dmg compare to mages but give heads up you going hear this from someone. Beast shots are luxury and not suppose to use it all the time ;p
  4. I played live for like 1 hour and got bored, they don't drop nothing good since you can hit lvl 40+ and get free gear so probably thats why you dont get adena. You should have enough free shots to hit 40+ if you following all the quest.
  5. I know Gludio isn't all the way full for sure, Aden maybe almost and 2 others are having que's still like hell. If you're not competitive like me where a month does make difference, talking grind spots mostly, ever try find one cause when I was leveling in Gludio almost every spot i went to grind in 25's were taken or over crowded to the point I would have to much down time. Only spot was wastelands were unless you got top D weapon kind of point less and unless you kill them faster then other spots you're wasting time. I know no one wants to leave Giran or TI to go to Aden a
  6. If your clan is level 3 or higher, you can bid for a Provisional Clan Hall
  7. Can we just open another new server, I know Gludio is new but I think more people willing to leave Aden,Giran and TI if they can start fresh then deal with the que. No point going to Gludio if they will be behind already compare to old one. Plus the 30$ pack is gone so a lot more people won't have 50% exp boost which is nice, and I can start fresh on new server ;p and most problem will be fixed. I hate the random we open new server out the blue or least give us a date when this is going happen, yes other 3 packed and Gludio is not but even if they leave for Gludio the same issue would happen
  8. I'm here just waiting for new server where all this stuff is fix, the events are over and I can grind 40+ without bad adena drop rate. I don't mind the wait or regrind doesnt bother me just all these free weapons bothers me and horrible drop rate at 40+ where I get more adena and drops at 30-35 then i got at 40-46. I never like free weapons when you just need to be level 20 only caused bots better chance of getting gear. They should of had Halloween event for low lvls and higher levels with different rewards chance by your levels, and no matter what bots benefit but higher the level requiremen
  9. That's main issue I'm debating cause if I use body to mind and then get pro heal and SE recharge would last longer then my sps who cant body to mind, love Sps but SH with body mind is huge difference I go with sexy Dark Elf.
  10. Question how much of mp does this skill for SH and Sorc give on every use around level 40, trying figure out if it's huge gain or not to have compare Sps who doesn't have it. I figure if two box SE and Pro same time and use that skill is it easier to keep mp up at all times?
  11. I'm not sure if I'm blind or not, is their no gift system for l2 store in game? If their isn't can we get system implanted and make level requirement to prevent scams with people using stolen C.C. or something (level 30-40), reason I say this with some of us we have 2 accountants 1 main and 1 buffer. Their is nothing in the store I want or need for my buffer and just wasting $15 dollars on junk is dumb, right now I rather waste it on shot or scrolls then anything else and gift it to my main.
  12. What you're all opinion on that quest, I heard negative side that you only get 3m exp with no SP at all? Is it worth doing it ever day for exp or once in while, since not sure how bad SP need is at 40.
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