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  1. Also good idea :)))))))))))))))))))))
  2. Players including me need 6 slot brooch. But brooch lv3 upgrade cost is so expensive. Please make it easy to get up to level 3.
  3. For light credit user, update dragon shirt upgrade method FOR NOW Only way to upgrade shirt is NCOIN NCOIN NCOIN NCOIN. FOR NOW dragon scroll is trash. Premeval isle farming is trash. FOR NOW ITS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THICK WALLET. AT LEAST LET'S DO IT AS MUCH AS OTHER SERVERS DO. EU/KOREA/RU
  4. Hi. In Swamp of Scream, all the circles are occupied 24/7. Plz make many small circle for busy ppl who can't take the circle 5 hours before SOS start time. (Nowaday, it is impossible to take circle, even we try to get it 5hours before SOS start)
  5. Please let me know when red libra come! After update, I want to change dual class. Because so many skills are modified. I think Korean server released red ribra when class skills were modified for same reason.
  6. Hello. I need 16 bloody krishna 3sa 450 storm ele for feoh. How much is it? Can i buy for 200b?
  7. hi~ i wonder tank's basic equipment for elven farming. it is possible with +8 general eternal h-set? and abundance lv1, anakim, diamond3, tanza3, apo 2sa(body+hp.haste)... if you are elven farming tank, teach me your equipment plz. thank you.
  8. when i click buy ncoin, pop up(error message) open. error message : something went wrong. plz try again later! help me.
  9. Hello I used nexttarget macro. Option is just for monster. But my character became redful character, and die. How snowmaiden to make my character attack him? I want to know. T.T -My macro is simple- /targetnext /attack /debuff /self buff
  10. DoJ

    Box limit?

    Hello. I have a question. How many character access game at the same time? Just use 1 computer (1 IP) 3 account ??
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