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  1. Any of those who know about the subject could create a price list?, i mean at least have a range, it would be very helpful.
  2. I support the little dwarf, if the pk system change to old one it could be easier, love the old days, when in any dispute you hit the other and end in pvp for the mobs, but now if u hit the other they dont hit back because of the new pk system.
  3. Thanks for the reply, ill continue my path, and a doubt asault me, still left tanks on the server? because i want to make a char usefull like a BD but i still considering of make a Sk, if any known in high lvls exist many BD pets? I hope some hero reply this, good luck and drop ; )
  4. Hello guys, yep thats it, i have a question about mi weapon, i plain to use duals to 40+ for now im lvl 20 so wich sword will be better for make dual at 40 lvl, i know some sword D grade that at making dual chage grade, but i apeal to your wisdom, fell free to answer better options and any path more efective. That all good luck and Drop.
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