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  1. What i did is... I press 1,2,3,4,5, goes to window1 regardless the active window. I press q,w,e,r,t, goes to window2 regardless the active window. I press a,s,d,f,g, goes to window3 regardless the active window. END You're welcome.
  2. Expanding my last post (I can't Edit it) For Quantity, the vice-versa scenario it's like Crystalline Beast mob L2dropspoil > Crystalline Beast have 1 Animal Bone at 33% meanwhile in L2wiki > Crystalline Beast have 1-2 Animal Bone at 50% So L2wiki might have the correct quantity. I dunno the correct % but it's pretty high like a random number between 33 and 50.
  3. Check Drop Table here http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/레시피 > Lesser Basilisk | Skeleton Marauder Confirm Quantity here https://l2.dropspoil.com/ > Lesser Basilisk | Skeleton Marauder Lesser Basislisk: 1 Animal Bone Skeleton Marauder: 1-3 Stem Ofc it's not 100% accurate because sometimes it's vice-versa with some mobs. L2wiki <> L2dropspoil So your drop quantity are correct but % are bit screwed with some mobs Same as before. For Drop Table check http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/레시피 > Ol Mahum Raider | Lafi Lizardman Scout | Ol Mahum Ge
  4. XingCode3 it's a rootkit, did you knew? it's get installed in the kernel, and they can scan every process you're running with a little spyware in that rootkit. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001298563-XIGNCODE3-FAQ in a general mean, you agreed installing that rootkit and can be a good thing or can harm your system, depends on the owner hands.
  5. The best you can use, it's a translated version of this http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/올+마훔+돌격병, they don't give the %. Just the Drop Table.
  6. I'm using an Artisan and Scavenger with a SE, I know it's low speed but i've sustain and good stuns when hunting 1by1. I wanted to have a dwarf for the making process.
  7. https://l2.dropspoil.com/npc/20208/ol-mahum-raider.html Spoil Animal Bone (1-3) - 1/2 Iron Ore - 1/1 Leather Boot Lining - 1/9 Our DB is a mix.
  8. Johnas

    SK boxes

    Oh somehow i missreaded spell howler, anyway, a shillen oracle can help with free vampiric rage so you have sustain. With a PP you have better clean speed. Up to you if you wanna make 1 or both.
  9. A Classic Server Transfer Token with 30-day Expiration and Consumed when used, will be enough, i think.
  10. Johnas

    SK boxes

    Early nothing but Empower and Recharge. At 40+ maybe 60+- a BD.
  11. Yeah, a spoiler will give you an good income, just farm high spoil rate mob and stick with these. A buffer doesnt need a weapon earlier, at 25 you can do the moon armor quest.
  12. Same here, but i think it's a bad netcode. So if you have a bad net for +-1 sec at least, it dc you.
  13. L2wiki Classic have higher %. L2dropspoil or pmfun have closer %.
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