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  1. nef2164

    Quiver S

    Yeah, but they're not a realistic option in this game at all. I can carry enough arrows for maybe 1 hour of farming and would then need to get more. It's just completely counter-productive to the class.
  2. nef2164

    Quiver S

    Yeah, I'm wondering this too. It's insane that the S quiver isn't accessible at the moment. How are we supposed to be able to use the weapon?
  3. Trash event. 700 euro on boxes also and maybe 600kk of enchants, the rest consumables. Don't be a fanboi and defend bad practices, sure we didn't have to buy them but the rates are terrible and they don't post them. It's a borderline scam.
  4. OFC they won't do this. Then you'd know every event they post is a bunch of trash. This event only gives consumables and if you're incredibly lucky you might get 500kk of something nice after spending about 1k euros. It's a joke.
  5. This event was a giant scam. Boxes of full of dragon potions and Sayahs scrolls. Good luck getting any actual items.
  6. Is classic destined to forever be a nuker server? Is it likely that class changes will arrive that bring archers/daggers/glads to a point where they are not just playable but useful? A primarily nuker server feels so restrictive and limiting to a game that offers so many other different class choices yet makes them feel redundant.
  7. It would be really great to get some knowledge on this. It was reported as a problem almost 6 months ago and we still haven't heard back properly. The turnaround on response time is insane!
  8. Will the MRT arena ever open up in classic? This used to be a fun hangout spot for quite a few players back in the day.
  9. If you read the post, I don't think it's a matter of "blaming" NCSoft. It's about the fact that scamming activity shouldn't be rewarded or considered 'fair game'. There are other games that provide good customer service and will actively help players that have been victim to scams or other malicious activities. There's no reason why NCSoft can't be supportive too.
  10. I'm a level 32 Dark Wizard planning on going Phantom Summoner. I've saved up about 1.5m, but I am still using my novice weapon and figure I should change this. What sort of weapon should I look to buy, considering I will likely be using it well into C-grade?
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