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  1. First of all u change the in game report from 3 to 10, then u post this to pretend ur doing something, if u spend 10 minutes por day running the main spots u can find a lot of bots and ban manualy (i'll do not speak about chat spammers). a friend who played with me gave up playing and is currently running 80 bots to make real money, He told me that he got banned on 5 accounts, Keep doing this nice job. U should track the adena from bots and roll back or remove the advantages, maybe real players come back to game.
  2. This is a summary of what you will find inside the game http://prntscr.com/l8zmvp
  3. You do not know that it's forbidden do not redeem your guilt, you should read the compromise terms that you sign every time you log in to find out what you can and can not do. I think that any kind of macro other than that provided within the game should be permanently banned. What is not happening, every day I see people using bot with 4 or 5 characters following as bot and attacking as bot. When will any action be taken?
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