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  1. 3 ppls ? they took giran and island jobs...they will took us 2 ! lol Took you 2 !
  2. At least a queue time is a good reason to talk about. Btw you are welcome all aden, here doenst exist something like waiting in queue. Cheers. Play hard go.
  3. This what are you saying is nonsense. First of all if any heavy armor and light got cast speed bonus in some conditions and they lose another bonus for that, is called tactic to offer more potential and strategy in that class, so you are more competetive than just bying a typical buffer. This is the reason why they add such things, you can use brain to create tactics and step forward to be a skilled player not another typical champion and beying. Invest in weapon ? On max lvl you will have 3-4 mages weapon with nuke in them and you talk about problems with 1 mage and 1 bow ?
  4. Im wondering why so many ppls care about these bots. Bots cant make hero, items and money is not all, sometimes you need brain and hands. Bots cant own you on pvp if the owner play like mediocre. Items and money from bots doesnt help to achive everything in game. There are many places to exp and farm. Just go improve yourself in game if you are a competetive e-player and dont waste time with bots. They did not change from years, they will not now. Brain + hands >>>>bot power Cy around, play hard go. P.S. You hate bots, make a har
  5. Ppls should realize that swap weapon from mage to bow/dagger/duals etc is not that hard by pressing weapon in toolbar. So if you have 2 hands you can still do same thing with that casting restriction just by swaping weapons in moments what are better for you for heal/skill or aut attack. If ppls not doing that, they are just lezy, medium at pvp or that techinque is not enough good as all belive that it was. In this case that penality doesnt have sense. P.S. if that penality doesnt have sense i would like to use enchanted bow on mage for pve, with proper cast speed no
  6. Anyway summon got penality from atk speed. Nukes are more effective than bow aut attack on mages and even without mana with that low STR is tragic and as i said before, swap weapon should not be a problem for heals/skills and hitting.
  7. Aden more players and 0 queue time. You can just log in game without waiting as is intended to be.
  8. Yea but i dont understand the logic in that. Healer can do same with a mage weapon and after change for bow, but i dont know maybe changing weapons in pvp when you need to heal/root and sometimes hit with bow is 2 skilled for some players, but i dont see the reason why they could not do like this. Or you tried to say me that with bow root had 0 cooldown cause of some bug.
  9. I even step face to face to monsters, not 1 not 2 or 3 of them and nothing from actions and toolbar. For this reason i dont know if is bug on Aden server, is for some champions or places, accounts etc. Same on my SE or SPS because i checked yesterday.
  10. Blunt, sword, 2H blunt - 520 cast speed Bow - 370 cast speed I would like to have 520 on bow if there is no restrictions for weapons in passive skills. Im curious what was that great and mighty tactic buffer + bow, which pushed you to change these stats. So i should call that bug or bug on purpose what you implemented many years ago on retail.
  11. Indeen but in same time is called fine joke ) Funny sentence and good maxim, double in one. Cheers. Play hard go.
  12. Every update drop rate in some places change, so be aware of that. Im curious, if is just a bug or ncsoft ) Many ppls notice that, they post, something change or is fixed and after some time when these ppls lvl up higher, something change again. And the circle spin same way over and over, before another smart player will notice that and post )
  13. I will say just my opinion about that event items reward... " trash". Reason : - you can create 20 lvl char in around 6-7 hours and tryharding D weapons. - that Top D weapon is luck + manipulation with accounts = lame - impact on game mean killing 25 thousand monsters and get some luck with weapon if you drop her earlier, not like in this event when all what you need is luck or many accounts. In future Ncsoft should take in mind that most of ppls did not like to see free weapons in some shops or event, what was created without thinking to long about it. Ppls
  14. On my main account with future sws ( i did not check others) command "next target" from actions doesnt work, in toolbar and generally. Im running with bow pressing next target after defeating last monster and 0 reaction from that command. Is around 1 week + when doesnt work, before everything was fine with that bidding. Cy around. Play hard go.
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