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    Blue Gem?

    depends on your class. Mage classes normally need to kill more to obtain the blue gem. Btw, at your situation, I would suggest you to get another char
  2. Actually they know exactly what you need. But no one cares.
  3. Skelth is offering 7-day free vs no events here.
  4. Checked http://l2.laby.fr/status/ and suddenly found the player count on TI server is below 6000 now. So there is no longer a queue? This is a surprise solution, maybe because of the end of the pumpkin event, or bots still not on duty ?
  5. We are not trying to change your mind, not at all.
  6. standard bot party setting in cruma/FT/enchanted valley/Ivory tower now.
  7. 1 spoiler + 5 unicorns dominates, even without beast ss.
  8. When ppl started to use B/A ss, your beast ss remains the same price.
  9. Beast ss was not introduced 16 years ago in C0/C1.5. But we still survived as Nec.
  10. You do not need other gear when you use summons with beast ss, right? Spoilers are crying for spoil rates and summoners are crying for beast ss price. But in reality, most class in bot paries are these two types.
  11. If, NCSoft decrease beast SS price to 20 or so, soon you can see 5-unicorn team in Insolence tower/Antares lair
  12. I know. I experienced the same. And actually that time dual box was allowed. I mention this because actually it can be implemented by Xigncode3
  13. I will vote NO. One computer/person one account please.
  14. If you ever lvl in School of Dark Arts, Elven ruins or Elven fortress, you can see each room there are 1 spoiler + 2 unicorns farming. Once I killed one party and turned red, in next 5 minutes, I was facing 20 unicorns. Almost the same in Forgotten Temple/Cruma tower except for you need to face 5 unicorns in one room.
  15. Have you ever fight with more than 20 unicorns?
  16. PP? If it is your main, maybe robe. Or if you are always in a big party, or you don't want to get your char fully equipped, use robe. Else in small party or duo, light with good weapon would be more helpful. After 40,maybe heavy armor is your choice.
  17. Why not? after reaching lvl 40, you no longer need to farm outside the town. The daily dimensional quest gives you everything you need.
  18. What I did is doing nothing else except for sitting 4 hours per day for the gifts for all my chars. I am a bit tired to compete with RU farmers now. When I gathered 10 gifts on each char, I opened them at once. In old days, when my SE needed spellbooks, when my clan helped me to get them in the enchanted valley. We fought around a week.
  19. May I say the Halloween gift event?
  20. Good idea. Waiting for an instruction about this. I am using S9+ and currently my solution is using Chrome remote desktop to rdp to my desktop on my phone.
  21. It is a kind of unbalance, not only bot. Due to free accounts, most players who do not like to wait for a unique team chose to form their own small group. And typically, these small groups have a trend to having a most efficient configuration on class selection, which is exactly the bot group configuration. Thus, everywhere you can see a spoiler with 2 unicorns/a spoiler with 1 pp and 1 orc/a spoiler with xxxxxx... And this is why when the spoilers crying on this forum about rates, I would say the rate is more than OK. Now the problem is: normal players who love the game cannot get
  22. lol, basically 3 weeks ago when Halloween event started, I saw others selling top D weapon, I created 6 accounts with lvl 20 chars, each online 4 hours per day, no doing anything else. For almost 3 weeks, I got 100 gifts and open them and got 3 top D weapon; easy money:P btw: the better way for spell books is the daily dimensional quest. You might be awarded with spellbook box which may contain DW.
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