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  1. It's not cool. We are logged sice the start of the event time, the server crash and we can't get the rewards couse the NPC Fioti log off so fast.
  2. Ohhh come! RELOG THE FIOTI MAN! We are all logged sice 2houers on this event!
  3. Independent Clan LF Player's who want a thriving gameplay on [Talking Island server] BlackTRUNK *Clan lvl 3 - own TS3. *No war tag (PVP only for defend our PVE, fack KS's) *Portuguese or Latin speakers. *No kids. *No facking sh1t premature alliances. *Minimum level: 35 (we can talk about). *Play at America prime. More info's Mail in game or pm RodoxSPS - Azir - Jobs, or priv messenge in the forum. CP Mage LF EE - WL - BD and 1 mage DD. Play 22h+ at gmt -3 Daily's farm, AOE, Item's farm. Fun mature gameplay. More info's Mail i
  4. What nickname for PM? Please mail me in game for talking about RodoxSPS
  5. Hi, we play at Thiago GMT and that level range. Mail me in game RodoxSPS.
  6. Hi, mail RodoxSPS in game. We have a Mage cp.
  7. CLAN LVL 3 COM 6% EXP BONUS Server: Talking Island Clan BlackTRANK invita jogadores black trunks, pesados! Afim de sem frescura fazer fama e marcar presença no server ! *Necessário logar todos os dias para Unity *Usar Discord PM RodoxSPS - Escobar - Jobs - Azir ********************************************************************************************************************* WE RECRUIT CP's FOR PLAY AT AMERICAN TIME. PORTUGUESE, LATIN OR AMERICAN SPEAKERS PM RodoxSPS - Escobar - Jobs - Azir
  8. @Hime So it's intended that level 30 mobs give more than level 50+ mobs?
  9. SPS lvl 40 LF CP mage dedicada a farmar dailys e AOE. PvP on PM RodoxSPS ou priv no forum
  10. ???SPELL FORCE??? CP MAGE RECRUTA: Warlord Bishop Elven Elder SWS Prime 22h + Pm/mail RodoxSPS / LemmonPeeper Ou msg priv *CP está na range de lvl 32 ~~ 38 *Usar discord *Foco do up em modo AOE. Entrar em contato para mais detalhes. ---- Configuração---- Shillien Knight Spellhowler Spellsinger Spellhowler Elemental Summoner Warlord BD/SWS(preferencial) Bishop Elven Elder
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