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  1. It has been a very enjoyable time revisiting one of my most beloved MMO, but now I'm remembering why I first quit all those years ago and I'm sad to be leaving again but I'll be much happier doing so. Seriously I was prepared to spend dome decent amount of cash on good ol NCsoft if things was at least semi-decent but that's never going to pass. The BOT crisis is now worst than ever, as the game ages and see little improvements the BOTs on the other hand advances with great complexities. It use to be simple, dumb and easy to exploit, but now it's got features I'd never imagine possible. No
  2. There is less, It feels like the spawn timer is the same however. I've been to other low areas and the amount of mobs are significantly less.
  3. Can't they just IP ban and restrict vpn? 1st time suspected give 1 day suspend. 2nd time give 7 day suspend. 3rd time give 30 day suspend. 4th time permanent ban. I really would like to stay longer and spend money on NC but I've just about had it because of the bots.
  4. You know I'm starting to think that NC is in on botting and selling adena themselves, they do next to nothing about the issue, I've read other say the remove posts about said issues, and just today I log into a character I tend to pk bots with in low level areas and found a blight treant right in the middle of the place with a sentry not too far off to the side. Then again I could be completely wrong about this idea and NC is actually doing their darn best to address this bot problem but... I'm just not seeing it.
  5. The problem with killing bots is that it only slows them down a bit. They don't drop anything and they just come right back. How much time can we dedicate our time to doing this instead of other things. I've killed many bots training mobs too and it does nothing to them except slow them down and waste my time.
  6. Dumb down really hurts a lot of players. You get free ss/sps, weapons, armor, jewels, potions, buff scrolls, loads of xp and TP is free. When these things run out or stops getting handed to the players you all of a sudden hit a brick wall and complain about it. Now because some never learned the essence of the game, buying adena becomes an option at this point which further supports the bots and it's never a good thing when that happens. These adena sellers only exist because they're making real money profit from player.
  7. Don't forget, holding both left and right mouse button makes you move forward like "w".
  8. Resist the dark side guys, it only leads to ruin much faster.
  9. LOL that [name removed] in the chat is in my clan. That bot group ks me quite a bit as well.
  10. I've seen many of them killing bats in dark elf area. I'm 100% sure they are bots because they aren't even being discreet about it. A 3 elf mage party killing bats in the dark elf marshland using no sps, moving attacking and resting in unison. Using the Bot Report Button does nothing so i took matters into my own hands. I've been training the bats they are programed to kill and then log off right in front of them then they link the bats and gets mobbed to death.
  11. Interesting bit of info there. L2 has many balance issue and some are really broken like the Necromancers, however this issue with root+range can be countered and punished by the few classes that are vulnerable to it. With how accessible things are now and with many new skills across the board this nerf no longer address a balance issue and is just a straight nerf. I'm not very fond of how "support" classes are just reduced to being a 2nd box 90% or more of the time only to serve as a buff bot because they offer little advantage to actually being played and what this nerf does is jus
  12. If that's the argument then nerfing it would be the "senseless cry". Most class already have ranged abilities and can combat this tactic and there's nothing stopping you from pulling out a bow yourself. This is hardly even overpowered or unfair while a wizard can 1-shot you, an archer can down you with a few crits, assassins just needs to touch you, destroyers could down you super easy with their own bow, tanks have their own nukes and take little damage, and the list goes on. Take things into consideration and the root+range only really works against a very few melee classes who are real
  13. When a mage class equips bows or polearms they take a Casting Speed decrease. Does anyone know why this nerf was even implemented in the first place? This really only hurts support classes who has no real offensive capabilities in the first place and just further reducing them into being a buff/heal bot. Will there be any thoughts about removing this nerf as how it was in the first few chronicles?
  14. Yeah that's the idea. To collect drops or quests. We can always just roll a new toon or just old school de-level and get the same effect but it's just not convenient.
  15. Why not have a cash item that grants 0% exp gains when equipped? Make it last for 7-days, 30-days or as such. Sometimes we want to hang around at a certain level for a bit longer.
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