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  1. cant see the screeshot res is low af
  2. Finally we dont have more afk events so you can see a more accurate population of the game. You have to consider most people play with 2 accounts at least.+ bots the real population should be around 30% less of what you see.
  3. Playing in cruma, solo+1BOX as sorc (47a bssd) 5Hits=235a Eyes are a bit weaker and i think they die from 3 hits and drop a little less adena. Drop: 600a-1000a Items drop: C Keys, POB, Materials... 2h farm i can make around 100k + items drop and per day around 200k just farming 2-3h. When im in party things goes a bit faster so it is also profitable. I dont have a weapon from event, so im using the top D from giran shop. I used top NG till around lvl 35.
  4. This event was ok except for the Top D weapon drops. I think we all can agree on that. Hopefully they will learn, Oh wait... Queue Bots Bans Drop rates Events for multi accounts
  5. Isnt the same for every class if you want to play solo? Sure
  6. f2p doesnt mean the game has to be filled with bots. Every mmo has bots.. In ESO, a pretty modern game (B2P btw), they run rampant and nobody cares because their increase your visible population. You want to play a dead mmo?. Just think about it, probably the real number of individuals (dont count multi boxing) should be around 6k of people at most and here we are with 4 servers.
  7. Is fun when you expose bots with evidence in this forum mods will delete your post. I guess the message is pretty clear.
  8. I solo often and i have a recharge box, how about +8 wit -12 men?
  9. What dyes do you recommend for a Necro pve focused?
  10. I think you'll be safe. Just go and check around the game, and numbers of people using bots is HUGE. If you get caught is because you are extremely unlucky
  11. I came from Elder Scrolls Online. B2P game and is nothing different from lineage in this regard. Bots will be there as long the developers dont care about them because increase your game visible population.
  12. Go to dark elf village and see what real bots are doing. Go to ant nest, fc, exe and who knows what other places. Probably the 25% of each server are just bots. And being honest, i dont care if someone insult you for botting because its must be true.
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