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  1. I went killing some Tamlin/Timak orcs and noticed the lower adena compared to forgotten temple but then I checked other loot those mobs drop and thought that it was reasonable. At least for those mobs it seemed so... I think my problem is really the PK system... We've to pay with hours (700 mobs to kill) for an activity that lasts a minute or so. This seems way unbalanced. And it's not like players drop loot. They lose some XP but they soon recover 50%+ of that with higher level resurrection. And they take 10 minutes at most to return.
  2. He made a mistake. And he shouldn't even have bothered with you since you were present.
  3. How GOOD that there are some people that find worth spending that much. It contributes to the longevity of the server. Also, do you know that you most likely won't even meet them in any situation in the game? (And characters can delevel.) Dude, you get the effects of the buff scrolls in the game, so you're not required to buy from the Store. Lol, indirectly you get "40% XP scroll" simply by being able to play longer or more efficiently than the other guy. Some classes are better in PvE than others (more adena, more XP), but players don't mind not playing them, even thought it'd mean faster pro
  4. As I explained, that's not even a real advantage. And people who buy VIP don't buy it for their alternative accounts since it gets expensive on them. And we can play with 3 accounts. What happens is that their Alts stay behind. And we want them to buy VIP, otherwise the server will most likely close down. And what "equipment" are you talking about? There's cosmetics there and consumables whose effect you can acquire outside of the Store.
  5. You didn't read well. "When a game requires the user to invest money to have an advantage " No one's required. Those people buying XP-boost stuff are crippled by their jobs. They can play 1-3 hours while teens can 6-9+. So what they're doing is compensating. It's a crutch. Even if the those playing 9+ hours decide to pay for VIP there's still many variables that can balance out that "advantage".
  6. (Like I posted in another topic) Took about 4 days here. "Hello, Thank you for your patience while we looked into your issue. It appears this account was caught in our regular account security review. After thoroughly reviewing this account, I have decided to remove the block that was placed on it. You may now access our services again. If you should need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us! Regards," They respond after a few days and resolve within a week.
  7. You're short on time IRL that you want this convenience, isn't it. Letting the real world affect the game world just worsens the latter. It should be minimized as much as possible.
  8. It'd be nice to have the option in the CC. Compared to that this feature seems good but compared to the ideal it doesn't. The ideal would be for the CC that deals the most damage to get the rights, yeah. The rights locking to the one that deals the first hit is repulsive. Just think of it applied to ordinary mobs. (I meant the CC that deals the most damage due to the unlikelihood of a party doing it but a lone party should be able to get the rights, yeah.)
  9. it is not a bug, it is a feature, the command channel that hits the boss first has the looting rights of it, no matter who kills the boss. Bad feature. The right should go to the party that contributed the most.
  10. Internet speed plays a role. Just disable shadows and the "makeup" (AA, HDR...) that you'll be able to play with integrated GPU. Have at least a 2 cores processor.
  11. I was intending to turn my Cleric into a Prophet... but now I'm thinking that an Elven Elder would be wise to make (already got a future SE). Obs.: My post is also supposed to be funny.
  12. "Server Gludio has almost no active players, most are bot adena selers and farming bots 24/7 in same area every day!" Oh yeah the players I've seen actively doing pre-lv.20 quests were certainly not present! Elven Ruins had zero players--thus why I didn't have to fight over the main spot there once! (And I certainly didn't see anyone passing by while I was there thus there was no event in which I had to converse with anyone!) Abandoned Camp? Pfft. No one goes there! Also there's never anyone leveling in its surroundings! Orc Barracks? You'll never have to fight over one of those ca
  13. Then you're bad at recognizing bots. Bots don't move like he was doing; they go directly to the mob, not walk around. Besides, you mean you wouldn't even ask him to respond to you? He's just using /assist in another PC.
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