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  1. UPDATE: Just to let you guys know, I tried to do a full system check and tried to relog both accounts to no avail. I even counted my inventory space to make sure that it wasn't some kind of visual bug and that the items were in my inventory but not visible.
  2. Hi, so I traded gear between 2 of my accounts, and I accepted the trade one of them, but when i went one the other toon i got the message ''Trade was cancel by ***". But now the gear is not on either toons. Yes, I made sure I traded the right toon and made sure the gear was not im my inventory afterward. But the thing is one of the toon was still under the spawn protection, so is it possible that the gear is in limbo or something? Already opened 2 tickets for that, one on each account since now I got no clues on wich account the gear might be. @Hime and @Juji if you guys could investigate has
  3. Quick question, if im playing from differents places, eg( home, work, friend's house.) Will I risk a ban for account sharing since its different ips or they use HWID and will be fine?
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