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  1. Just going to say this: Yall bought an item (bait) for an event. With the event announcement it also stated: (Quoting it) "The following items and buffs will be automatically removed from players’ characters on February 13 at 7:00 a.m. server time." *Monkey Bait *Tuna So IMHO not their fault the bait/tuna was lost, they said when it was being removed. Even if you paid NCoin for it.
  2. I dont think very many would pay per month with how NCSoft ran the live game, or how they've done with Classics for NA. At least not unless they make VERY drastic changes in how they handle the game, and GM activity, ect...
  3. Hi Skulptra. When you're on, pm me or any officer. (Mainly because I play more late SEA to early EU times on weekdays, aka..odd hours for NA..lol) Also, welcome to all the new members who have joined recently. For those interested in joining Tenacious, our recruitment is still open, however we are starting to fill up.
  4. Keep in mind the game doens't show the % of bots. If on TI, go to Dion, you can see trains of them going off to die. (It's slightly amusing in the fact they do that, but sad as it's a never ending bot train.)
  5. Just some event feedback- Dont have x2/x3 stuff during certain times, as the server isn't only full during those times. (It's a clear ploy to try to see if queues can be popped during then to get people to buy into VIP again.) It'd be nice to just see the drop rate boosts put perm for Classic, as it gets NA drop rates closer to what EU Classic's drop rates are.
  6. Welcome to the guild @GiantToe Also, recruitment is still open. If you really want to try out a great gaming community that spans well beyond "just a game" Tenacious is it.
  7. Transfer of the new character getting lead permissions will happen on maintenance days for the server from experience in l2 classic so far.
  8. English speaking clans. do they exist

    Yes, they do exist but are few in number. You should check the "Clan Recruitment" section of the forums. (Many are listed in it.)
  9. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    IMHO only thing worth watching the superbowl for is the commercials, which all go online anyways. Sooo I can siege instead.
  10. Idea to help against bots: Have LIVE GM's IN GAME banning. I mean heck stand in 1-3 towns, you could spend 10minutes and ban tons who go out to die and de-level. (The trains of them, all unclothed, is creepy looking lol.)
  11. Hello @Gende, We'd love to add you, and always welcome new family. Please review our charter it has a lot more information on our guild, play style, rules, and how to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself, or any Tenacious officer. (My in game name is the same as my forum name.)
  12. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Thanks for the letter. I am glad to see clan halls, siege, and 3rd class transfer. However the events, remove the cash shop from being what an event is about. Having events take a cash shop item, I can't give a pass on. (As well as many others.) As I see it, the game is in a major decline, and NCSoft is currently trying to "bank" on this months event.
  13. Recruitment is still open. 6 Slots left in the main clan currently.
  14. Aden's dungeon reward

    Spellbooks, angel cat blessing, Melody buff, EWC, EAC, armor, weapons, transformation buffs, and exp dimensional blessing items are RNG based off what you can get.
  15. Drops in Timak Outpost

    Actually those mobs do not have a large drop list. (As well as none of the small craft items.) Your best bet for "drop table" is checking for classic servers, and not the live server drop tables. (As they do differ a decent amount.) The only thing I do wish is that the drop rates were correct and in line with EUs' however from what everyone has noticed, NA has a lesser drop chance than EU's version of classic servers.
  16. TI seems to have people from all over the world. I came to TI with my guild, and I have also made many new friends on TI so all is good. (Even ran into some old friends from when we all played on L2 Live years ago lol.)
  17. Hello @Angimal We are planning on re-opening recruitment soon. (Within the week.) @Slaexes We have members around all different kinds of levels. Many also have alts they play on a regular basis which span a variety of level ranges. If y'all want to know more, please feel free to contact me in game ( My IGN is Mishi), DoctorHo, or any of the officers in Lineage 2. You're also welcome to post any questions you may have here, and we will reply.
  18. Please keep in mind: Some people box because they.... 1. Aren't the correct class people are looking for in parties 2. Play odd times compared to others 3. Want to play solo From experience in L2: Boxing was typical on live servers. From L2 Classic experience: Try playing a class no one wants to deal with prior to being level 35, then see how much you "dislike" boxes when you find it's your only way to level because you get removed from groups for not being a: healer/buffer, Tank, AOE Mage. On your experience: I am sorry you are having a hard time finding a party. (I can't speak for Giran server.) However Talking Island has an over abundance of Shilen Oracles running around which is why many are no longer able to find a party.