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  1. Thanks WintairShade for the photo! (I still love the green behind us haha) Update: Our main clan now only has 7 spots left for active players. We still have our 2nd clan available. (Both get the same log in bonus, and clan supply boxes.)

    The only reason you leveled up, is because you character had already made the experience. When NC lowered the amount of exp per lvl 56+ required to level, they did not remove any EXP characters had already gained. Thus many gained levels once the requires exp was lowered. Example: Prior to maintenance you needed 300kk EXP (Arbitrary number.) To level. You had already gained that 300kk exp. Maintenance then lowered the required amount of exp to 100kk for the same level. Instead of them taking 200kk exp away from the 300kk you had already earned, it went to the following level(s). It is much better than the last time they lowered the amount of exp required for 55+, and many players lost their exp their characters had already gained.(Which they had spent ncoin, and tons of time grinding in game to get.)
  3. Mass dc

    lol...came up...1 more time is all I need to get my se on plx
  4. Congrats WintairShade on an officer position! (I have a feeling you'll do very well.) Also welcome to all new members. To anyone interested in joining: We currently have 10 spots left in the main clan. We also have a 2nd clan, and both get log in bonus/exp bonus/clan chest. Once the main clan is full, recruits will be added to our 2nd clan (Until we can add more members to the main clan, since it's capped for us currently at 40 members.)
  5. Cursed Sword Akamanah/Zariche

    I wouldn't mind the sword dropping just so we could mass kill bots w/o penalty.
  6. An EXP event would be nice, but to be honest, they just need to boost the item drop rate to what it should be at for classic, permanently....lol
  7. Welcome to all new members, and keep up the good work! (I think some of yall aren't human due to never being asleep...lol)
  8. Hello Zorbius, Nice to see new players. If you're interested in joining the clan, please read our charter. If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on discord/In game, or any officer, as well as you're welcome to post in this thread. The majority of our clan is NA based. (East to West),However we do have members from all over the world as well. (I myself actually work 11pm-7am eastern. So I play very odd hours, unless on the weekends.)
  9. Hello WintairShade. We are still active on TI, and still recruiting. (Just hit clan level 4.) We don't have a gear requirement, or level requirement. We just ask members to be nice, have fun, and be active as much as they can. (Especially for the clan bonus buffs on activity.) We have no requirement as to what class you can/can't play, so if you'd like to play your SpS or SE you're more than welcome to. (We also have 2 clans we can put alts in, which have the exp passive, and get log in rewards normally.) We are an English based language guild. Though that being said, we also have members from all over the world. Some speak English fluently, and some don't so they use translators. (Some want to learn more English.) They are also willing to teach other languages as well. (I am slowly learning Portuguese from a few of our members. I may fail at it, but we all still have fun lol.) We do not stand for botting/exploiting/cheating/ect... So I am glad you're looking for a clan who doesn't accept that type of playing. For us as a community, we do not mind playing catch up to those who do such, because it makes beating them in the end much more satisfying in any game we play. Everything you stated about formerly working for NCSoft/NCWest is something I personally find neat. I look forward to meeting you in game/voice comms. Also, Tenacious has a website/forums, and we use Mumble for VOIP, along with discord for text chats. We do not have a VOIP discord due to the limitations discord has currently. We have lagged discord out, and everything while testing to see if it could hold enough members, on at the same time for community events that Tenacious hosts. (We as a community have real life meet ups, and also gamer nights, as well as events to raise money for charitable causes.) You're more than welcome to PM me in game (Or any officer.) if you have any questions about the clan/community. (You can also post here, or on Tenacious forums.) IGN: Mishi (Main), Mishii (My BD), and Sparkie (SE) Discord: Mishi#0309 I hope you have a wonderful evening, and I look forward to meeting you.
  10. Boxing

    Nope. VIP wont bypass 3 clients per computer.
  11. Anyone run into this

    Ok, thank you for the info. I'll let him know so he can check into Nvidia.
  12. A friend is having an issue where randomly since maintenance he will get a grey box with a circle that pops up in game, and he can only move his character. It prevents skill use, porting, ect.. (PS sorry for the img being sideways, its how he sent it to us in discord.) He has tried file repair, ect.. and it doesn't happen all the time just randomly.
  13. I have taken over lead of Tenacious in L2 Classic. (DoctorHoo, had to take care of prior obligations.) Currently we are working on leveling our clan up. (Right now we are working for level 4, then level 5 afterwards.) We are still recruiting members. To all potential applicants, please read through our Charter and follow the instructions on it for "Becoming Tenacious". Yes, we do have the requirement of reading the charter and agreeing to it. We are a chapter of a multi-platform, multi-core gaming community. However if you like making many friends, it's well worth your time. Our Clan does use mumble, and discord. However we only use discord for text, our VOIP is mumble. (If you'd like more information as to why we as a community do this please view our FAQ.) Who to contact about joining: You're welcome to PM me on the forums, post in this thread, DM on Discord (Mishi#0309), PM in L2 (Mishi, Mishii, Sparkie), make a post on tenacious forums, or PM any Tenacious officer/member. (Tenacious members can direct you to an officer if they are not on their mains in L2 at the time.) Officer Names for contacting: Meatplow, Suspi, Ethelion. Last but not least: Welcome to all the members who have joined recently.
  14. LF clan

    Question is: What server
  15. I'm just going to say if I wanted P2W, I would be playing my archer on live. Not classic..lol
  16. Hello @GoNoles69 and Welcome back to L2 classic. We don't require anyone to be on and give up their real life. (we know real life takes priority.) I noticed you said you already read the charter on our website. (Which is great to hear.) If you're still interested in joining the guild please post on our forums. (The charter has how to join and what to post in it.) If wanting to talk to someone in game before any decision, feel free to message Mishi, Meatplow, Suspi, or Doctorho. (Or any Tenacious member.) You're also welcome to message me via discord mishi#0309.
  17. Those "boost events" really only put NA servers closer to what standard drop rates are on other L2 Classic versions. Also during those boost events, is when NCSoft should actively have GM's in game, banning bots. The bots crawl out of the woodwork, more so when the server has a boost going on.
  18. They said at the start of the event the items would be removed and stated time/date. If a player bought said items to use, then they should have used prior to the end date/time, when the items for the event were going to be removed. It's not NCSoft's fault players wanted to "get more time than the event ran", had "dc" issues, or that players "bought" the items. Players could have just used the free ones for VIP, and not bought an item which would be removed. (Or they could have bought the item and used by the removal time, and there would be no issues.)
  19. Just going to say this: Yall bought an item (bait) for an event. With the event announcement it also stated: (Quoting it) "The following items and buffs will be automatically removed from players’ characters on February 13 at 7:00 a.m. server time." *Monkey Bait *Tuna So IMHO not their fault the bait/tuna was lost, they said when it was being removed. Even if you paid NCoin for it.
  20. I dont think very many would pay per month with how NCSoft ran the live game, or how they've done with Classics for NA. At least not unless they make VERY drastic changes in how they handle the game, and GM activity, ect...
  21. Hi Skulptra. When you're on, pm me or any officer. (Mainly because I play more late SEA to early EU times on weekdays, aka..odd hours for NA..lol) Also, welcome to all the new members who have joined recently. For those interested in joining Tenacious, our recruitment is still open, however we are starting to fill up.
  22. Keep in mind the game doens't show the % of bots. If on TI, go to Dion, you can see trains of them going off to die. (It's slightly amusing in the fact they do that, but sad as it's a never ending bot train.)
  23. Just some event feedback- Dont have x2/x3 stuff during certain times, as the server isn't only full during those times. (It's a clear ploy to try to see if queues can be popped during then to get people to buy into VIP again.) It'd be nice to just see the drop rate boosts put perm for Classic, as it gets NA drop rates closer to what EU Classic's drop rates are.
  24. Welcome to the guild @GiantToe Also, recruitment is still open. If you really want to try out a great gaming community that spans well beyond "just a game" Tenacious is it.
  25. Transfer of the new character getting lead permissions will happen on maintenance days for the server from experience in l2 classic so far.