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  1. For sure server will have now less lag. Because 90% of the players that exp using macro interface now will not log.
  2. from 1 to 85 exping just killing mobs you won't get even 1kk adena. They nerfed by 1000x the drop rates in order to prevent bots to farm 24h open world mobs. Now farming adena/drops bots have dissapeared in big % but now real users don't get enough adena from mobs to pay soulshots. For example at lv 95 i go to lv up at silent valley. I need like 10-12 soulshots R grade to kill 1 mob. Price in ah of ssr is 117a the cheaper one. So i spend 1170-1300 adena in SSR to kill 1 mob. That mob not allways drop adena. i think its around 25-30% the chance that the mob drop adena and he drop just 700-800 a
  3. the login server will be unavailable for 1 hour starting at 2 p.m If you don't say in what time zone are you this info is useless. For example in EU GMT+1 it's at 23:00pm.
  4. Did a fast restart in Naia server before enter cc baylor cause i had a bit of lag and now i can't log in. Took me 1h to find that party cause server is dead and seems that i won't be able to do this today. Next time put a message ingame to warn players that login is not on.
  5. Better remove this exclusive p2w event and start one for all the players. Cause 95% of ppl can't do this. Not all are lv 105+ with billions of adena invested on weapons, armors, shirts, talismans, artifacts, jewells,dyes,cape, etc to be able to finish this.
  6. 1300 GMT+1 is incorrect. its 13:00 GMT or 14:00 GMT+1 lost one hour of gameplay for this.
  7. Those changes for tomorrow don't going to make players lv 100 finish this instance. What you should do is nerfed the damage that mobs and boss deals to players. 2k more pdef won't save my char that now from 3 arrows tomorrow maybe 4 arrows ? those changes will make things easier for top geared ppl but normal geared ppl of lv 100-101 won't be able to finish it.
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