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  1. Bye bye NC soft, bunch of amateurs, can't run a classic server properly. Don't give a shit about ppl, I hope all ppl will quit, and it will all be on you
  2. And yet again, no response from the team. Just showing they don't give a crap about ppl playing here. This ignorance to the playerbase is just stupid. Amateurs taking care of this game is just sad, illegal servers have better organization than here. That huge stupidity, that is happening here, can really step on a guys nerves
  3. Castle Siege EU TIME

    Very nicely written, I sign to that
  4. Gludio Castle Siege

    I don't understand you here, its Classic, in no matter which country, US isn't special if you think that. It just shows that it's the same thing with lvl 5 clans, regarding gludio siege, here, russia, eu, korea. And I am talking only for this matter, not for other adjustements
  5. Gludio Castle Siege

    This has always been like that in classic, lvl 5 clan can't siege gludio castle
  6. [Gludio] Team Instinct EU/NA Recruiting

    Still looking for 1 tank happy holidays everyone
  7. [Gludio] Team Instinct EU/NA Recruiting

    Still have few slots left, especially looking for 1 heal, 1 tank 52+ Other classes can still apply hf
  8. [Gludio] Team Instinct EU/NA Recruiting

    bump supports or exeptional players still welcome to join us
  9. [Gludio] Team Instinct EU/NA Recruiting

    Still recruiting, 35+ For any questions poke on discord
  10. Team Instinct Hello everyone, lvl 3,fresh, english speaking, international clan Instinct is now recruiting members First things first, who are we? Founders of Instinct are a group of EU people in which friendship goes back to almost 15 years now, we came on Gludio to leave a mark, trough our actions and deeds. We want to set up active, healthy community, within the clan, with the right attitude. We're active but not hardcore, simple minded people who want to have fun playing Lineage 2. We are not CP based clan, so we're recruiting small groups or just solo players. Only requirement so far is, that you need to be lvl 30+ What Instinct can offer you? -peacefull enviroment -new friendships -benefits of daily clan rewards -clan hall benefits (soon) -so far 6% xp -clan lvl 3 for boxes (also 6% xp) What we require from you? -Daily activity (if you're not able to play, try to atleast login for 30 min) -Be able to participate in clan activities -Willing to help other clan members when they are in need -If you're going to be absent for longer period of time, let us know (otherwise it will lead to clan removal) -Use Discord (vocal communication is encouraged) -be respectfull to each other What are our aims? We aim to be well recognized on the server, to be able to pull out successfull sieges, be available to do RBs on daily basis and have some healty PvP in the meantime. All in all, we're a small community aiming to become big For any questions, feel free to contact: DISCORD: INGAME Vetrie#8618 Vetr Drejko#1352 Drejko Or join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/sBqZZz
  11. Abyss Boss - Dragonblood

    Just killed him and got 0
  12. Stalkers in game, gludio server

    Made me laugh. Why are you so upset? If you weren't botting, you have nothing to be nervous about. But if you were, this topic, going public, won't help you. Don't mind bot report function if you haven't done anything wrong. No need to make a big fuss about it