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  1. Spoil chances incorrect

    @Hime Greetings! So I’ve been playing in Gludio server for over a month now, my main char is a spoiler lvl 41. I’ve noticed along the way that the chances specified in the wiki within percentage are not correct, there’s a HUGE difference between this server and what it says. I’ve read another posts mentioning that the NA server rates are different from l2 wiki information, but for example a Premo (from Cruma Towee) by spoil it has huge chances to spoil mithril ore, I’ve got 5 over 3h after killing 250 premo approximately, about the keys of the karmian and the weapon i got 0 after killing 250 premo (all of them successfully spoiled). I want to address you a pic of the mentioned rated and compare it on the reality right now, it does not make much sense at all. Pic: https://imgur.com/a/QjKOheW Looking forward for a response, thanks in advance. Cheers!