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    at 40 you can go fom and kill shamans with your archer. (archer +pp,bd buffs). After few levels you can move to harit shamans until 50 + -. after that go sos and kill the death knights (the ones with pole). Problem with shamans at 40 is that they dont drop adena but the xp is good.
  2. SS Slot random change to blessed!

    try to send a ticket. maybe if lot of people ask them to fix it they will. i alrdy tried and they told me that everything is correct (they didnt even test)
  3. Can't login with Battleping?

    take an eye to bping forums. its their problem.
  4. Blue Gem?

    kill the gremlings using physical attack. not magic.
  5. gladiators are totally useless right now. every single class on the game is better and usefull than them
  6. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    u didnt understand their second mail =)
  7. Treasure Hunter - light or heavy?

    heavy, unless u are able to get a +8 light.
  8. the strongest pve char is destroyer , the next is tyrant. gladiators are garbage
  9. Overlord fix please!!

    this people that make posts complaining about something that they dont know and call it a bug. u deserve a ban .
  10. Armor and Dyes question

    drake set is garbage unless its +8. go for a heavy one, like full plate. for the future get bw heavy.

    maybe you are higher level than your boxes?