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  1. You can report a bunch in a single ticket, but don't put like a bazillion names into one. Break it up once in awhile. As for footage, it definitely would be beneficial to include links to videos or screenshots. It will definitely expedite the review process. Thank you both! @Hime I have video showing 12 bots running out of Orc Village and jumping off the cliff into the water - I even went as far as to PK one of them on my healer to prove they were bots. I assume they were auto de-lvling to stay in one area. Problem is I did not adjust the video settings so it is quite hard to
  2. @Norx to answer your first question - YES - it does increase your HP/MP regen to sit down. I can't really answer your second question as I don't play support as a main so someone else will have to answer that one for you !
  3. First off, big thanks to all the responses here, I am pleasantly surprised. I agree that the drop/spoil and adena rates are currently completely messed up and need attention. I was under the impression from day 1 that this was going to be a HARDCORE experience, and so far I don't feel that is the case at all. That being said, maybe I'm just a dreamer lol, but I still have faith that they will get things sorted out, the only problem now is - how much damage has already been done to the economy and how many players will/have left due to things being messed up from the start. Again, thank
  4. I am sure this thread will be full of haters momentarily lol, but I am wondering if the Lineage 2 Community as a whole is missing something rather huge imho and am just curious what other people here think. When NCsoft announced they were putting up "Hardcore Lineage 2 Classic servers" I was thrilled. I expected servers with a 1x rate on everything - grinding for days just to get a level, spoiling for days just to get the recipe you were trying for - Hardcore. I hate all the bots and adena sellers as much as the next guy, and the rates for 40+ mobs very well may be pooched atm, but I don't
  5. Really ? I do happen to have time to play most days yep, but am I running 3 machines - LMAO no.... I am slowly grinding 2 accounts on 1 laptop because I don't care about being lvl 60+ as fast as possible. This is "supposed" to be hardcore and due to all the bs XP runes it absolutely isn't - try take your time and GRIND the way the game was meant. If your clan doesn't understand your lack of time to play, then it's quite obvious the problem is the clan you are in - any proper clan leader should understand ppl don't always have time to play, simple as that - just because you happen to fall beh
  6. Totally agree, but why would NCsoft ban them when they can wait say 3 or 4 months to "confirm" the player is selling .... Get more money for them paying for VIP4 and then slooowly ban them. NCsoft is all about money, bottom line or there would be 0 adena sellers and 0 bots. Would take an afternoon for @Hime or @Juji to jump on and ban every account they see spamming chat, but they won't cause they are making money off them.
  7. For all you ppl running multiple computers to play your own parties - GET A LIFE OMG! The game was NEVER designed for that - if you want party join a clan, make some friends, TALK when you're out of town. If I think someone is botting and they don't answer me - I will KS the shit outta their mobs until they leave, and if that doesn't work I will PK their servitor or them since the bot reporting does absolutely no good. I get NC needs to make their money and the bots all have VIP4 accounts, but playing on 3 or 4 computers ??? WTF is wrong with you people lmao, again... Get a life and join a
  8. You are not the only one, I have even got MAIL from adena sellers ffs. And I agree you can't even read chat in most towns now because they spam the crap outta their stupid messages. Annoying as hell, but they probably have VIP4 accounts which means they will never get banned. NC wants to make money, that is always the bottom line, free to play or not unfortunately, we just have to live with right-clicking chat to block them. Stupid as it is, doubt that will ever change.
  9. Ok then when the skill is cast on myself I should still be doing more damage using my magic skills such as Wind Strike or Ice Bolt and that is not happening, so again... the skill is not working. I also understand 5% is not a massive increase but I should at least notice a difference in damage per shot using Wind Strike and I currently do the exact same amount of damage whether the skill is cast on myself or not.
  10. First off - I realize this skill no longer has anything to do with the breath gauge. That being said, the skill is supposed to increase your M. Atk by 5% for 20min unless I have misread the description. The skill currently does absolutely nothing except waste 20 mana - so it is currently still a completely useless skill. When cast on yourself - it does NOT increase your M. Atk at all and there is no change to your M. Atk in the stat window. If the skill is meant to increase the damage dealt for each particular M. Atk skill, ie. Wind Strike, Ice bolt - then it is still not worki
  11. So I get that they changed what Eva's Kiss does for Classic, however - the skill doesn't work or if it does, then it does not show the M. Atk +5% anywhere...Could someone please look into this skill because atm it appears broken. The M. Atk stat in the character window doesn't change if you have the skill cast on yourself or not. Also, when you do have the skill cast on yourself the damage you do does not increase either. Thanks very much. @Hime
  12. If you actually read the news regarding the dragon shirts you will see it is clearly stated for LIVE servers only, not Classic, simple mistake I believe.
  13. Have to strongly agree here, really wish the EU ppl would stop whining about times - especially since there are already EU servers to play on. If you don't like the update times here then go play on the EU servers. It's bad enough we (NA players) have to watch all the non-english chat ! @Hime Other than a few minor tweaks, keep up the good work, really enjoying Lineage II again!
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