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  1. I think the whole classic servers launch was unscheduled from the start. Just to wash some money from the people wallets and then wipe their tears with their own money. Too much inconsistency and silence, I mean yea bugs occur at launches and stuff. But this guys? even a blind crippled man would see all the flames on forums about all the problems and yet we get the old golden - Silence is the key. Are we in some buddha teachings now or what?
  2. Yea if I don't box I get it also running constantly easy 24+ hours, but with a box it's another story. (gotta keep the heals up for the main you know..)
  3. I get least 3 dc;s per day. I dunno if this is implemented or not, but it seems like if I put my box to sit down and make it idle for 5 mins I get a dc on that box and that dc forces to dc out my main window also. Dunno if it is only for me like that or not though, as long as I leave that box even standing or doing anything else it doesn't dc, but as soon as it sits down I get a dc after 5mins. Also sometimes yea some random dc's also occur...
  4. Can anyone enlighten me about the dyes a bit? Have not played for a while so I forgot and just wanted to do a few double checks before I go kaboom wow I missed up scenario. Is it possible for fighter classes to add dyes such as wit/int/men? for ex I want to add on my d elf +wit for c. speed -int/men whatever else. Or is it strictly restricted to mages only? as far as I know mages can add any dyes, just wondering about fighter classes. Cause I do not want to buy up those dyes to find out later on that I cannot add them on.
  5. seems like the server instabilities patch didn't really help much.
  6. The problem is after that you cannot change the loot at all, it gets stuck, even the adena distribution bugs out. Auto cancels out everything when you try to change. I mean I would be fine with just the first hit system, but if someone screws up and you want to change it - that is it you are done, can't do it... Also as long as other pt's hit first not the CC leader, the whole drops goes all random, so that is fine as long as people communicate or no greedy CC leaders
  7. Juji, could you also look up the CC bug for the loot drops? apperantly as I ran a few CC's it seems like if CC leader party hits first the RB, the loot goes auto only to CC leader party and you cannot change it. This would solve a lot of drama and flaming going on when people see the loot going to CC leader party only. Believe me how many threats I got just cause of the bug. (Also had situations where 2 CC's come and basically the first CC to hit means 100% their drops only, but it also means the drops only go to the other CC's leader party only also, not to all the parties in the CC. Which is
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