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  1. Jewel craft effect with silenite bug

    After a ticket, they will revert the jewel back to jewel + silenite + GE. It seems this is an unpublished rule.
  2. Jewel craft effect with silenite bug

    "GM", aka lvl1 support template answer is: It's working as intended :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL... Doesn't stuck craft effect on "dragon jewels". They didn't read the ticket, just a few keywords...Or Orfen is a dragon No rules communicated as usual. And of course, the 4% is 1-2% max or less. Because this is a special algorithm (which is not public of course). So, don't waste your money for it....
  3. Jewel craft effect with silenite bug

    Please show me, these sentences from patch notes, related topic: Epic Boss Jewels can now be upgraded to improved versions with additional stats at Denign NPC in the Town of Giran. 1 type of Epic Boss Jewel 30 Silenite 20 Giant's Energy Dissolve old boss jewels with Accessory Solvent to receive Silenite (amount varies by boss jewel and chance). Denign sells the Accessory Solvent for 5,000,000 Adena (price changes according to castle tax). The upgraded stat options on improved boss jewels can be changed to other options for 15 Silenite and 10 Giant's Energy.
  4. I bought 60 pcs silenite, I put 5% P.Def option to my Blessed Antharas and my Orfen Soul. When I use B. Antharas, I got 5% def. If I use my second earing, Orfen, it gives + 0 P.def, so nothing. I opened a ticket, let's see this is "working as intended" as usuall...
  5. Couple of Things Need a FIXIN

    Ether: 7/24 farming (dailies, time zones other 20 hours in Tanor) -> Ether: 406 pcs after update! Not per day, this is my all Ether! So I need 7/24 farm to try 60% craft r110 item...
  6. If I have 2 types of SS (for example SS & Mysterious) and one type consumed all, other type not activated for use it. Strange, 1 piece of consumed shot still remain on bar, but 0 piece in inventory... @Juji please investigate it, we died 2 times while afk macro. Ty.
  7. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    Anyone got evolving stone from enchant pack?
  8. Exalted XP skill bug

    Just target yourself.
  9. "The Letter Collector event will end and all related event items will be removed from players' inventories. " Yeah :))) My inventory thanks it Why not q items or any solution for "not regular inventory item"? Too much pain this & buggy weight limit when toon change to dual...
  10. Client crash trigger

    Same here with 2 clients on my machine and one on my wife's pc. Ticket submitted, but it seems common issue. @beleth circle, hellbound
  11. I always get an exception at Beleth Circle with my clients and crashing. Read error engine.dll etc.. Error submitted (to dev?). File rechecked by the launcher, same issue. Any has the same experience?
  12. I got new skill, but only one was before. So I saved 8 rune stones.
  13. What's happening when only one ditty has been learned? How can I get the new type ditty?
  14. Red Libra Event

    Thks. Anyway... this is not exactly SA changes. Weapon change, where you can choose your new weapon SA option. I did it earlier, but I don't remember exactly and there wasn't 3.SA on that weapon. That's why I asked and I hope someone remember and did it
  15. Red Libra Event

    Hi, I have 2 questions about weapon change with Red Libra event. 1. SA change. Can I change choose other options, which else than original SA type? For example Leona / m.atk to Kain HP etc? 2. Mystic SA type is changeable? For example FEOH + 5% M.atk to Sigel +15% HP? Thanks guys.