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  1. Client crash trigger

    Same here with 2 clients on my machine and one on my wife's pc. Ticket submitted, but it seems common issue. @beleth circle, hellbound
  2. I always get an exception at Beleth Circle with my clients and crashing. Read error engine.dll etc.. Error submitted (to dev?). File rechecked by the launcher, same issue. Any has the same experience?
  3. I got new skill, but only one was before. So I saved 8 rune stones.
  4. What's happening when only one ditty has been learned? How can I get the new type ditty?
  5. Red Libra Event

    Thks. Anyway... this is not exactly SA changes. Weapon change, where you can choose your new weapon SA option. I did it earlier, but I don't remember exactly and there wasn't 3.SA on that weapon. That's why I asked and I hope someone remember and did it
  6. Red Libra Event

    Hi, I have 2 questions about weapon change with Red Libra event. 1. SA change. Can I change choose other options, which else than original SA type? For example Leona / m.atk to Kain HP etc? 2. Mystic SA type is changeable? For example FEOH + 5% M.atk to Sigel +15% HP? Thanks guys.
  7. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    If everyone read it. If not... I spoke few ppl on server who didn't know important things about the changes. For example clan size reduction. This is not logic, this is the power of information. And now Hime published
  8. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    My opinion: No patch notes, because of the market. Half of us would read the patch notes, half not. Who read, can sell/buy items which less or more valuable after the patch, who didn't, can "scam" himself (see world chat about HEWS vs. R110 weapons).
  9. Bots are now the Ertheias. Just a short walk as GM in game, near quest places, they can banning lots of then in few minutes. Typical name structure, moving, targeting etc. Easy...
  10. Please check teleport fees! Few of my chars is under 94 (main, dual too) and they must pay for teleport. I opened ticket few days, but no answer