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  1. Glad to hear! Please share info about this.
  2. Hm... Nice... -2-3 Prestige -2-3 xp pack / month You know guys.
  3. Who applied code for prestige pack after maintenance, lost it after rollback. They restored the previous database without prestige, but there is not in Apply code / Dimensional NPC...
  4. + we lost all timezones (PI, IOS etc....) income.
  5. 3rd giga lag + DC ... Something goes wrong ...
  6. Not the greedy chest the problem, the problem is: - bot cameras, bot programs and set spawn to RANDOM, not on fixed spots
  7. PI with melee: 0 enchant / half hour... (before more ofc ) with prestige pack + 200% xp / drop rate. Best money spending in this year...
  8. Guys, this is GMT+1 server. You always kill after we asleep at night and big part of the xp event fly away... If you realize lags after maintainence 2 hrs, why you wait 5 hrs more to do something?
  9. Nobody got it? This type of skills seems impressive for FEOH, YUL, EVIS and more... Not for : ISS, tanks: who knows..
  10. Wtf happened with icons in inventory and so on? Like WOW for kids...
  11. GMs pls check update after installed for VIT settings (no VIT, no adena for example), etc. Last updates were bugged because wrong settings / "not for me settings"
  12. And what happening if the restored weapon sold in AH? The new owner got a deteriorated weapon, which is not restorable anymore? How can be sure the buyer before he buy, this is a "good" or "bad" weapon?
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