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  1. Nobody got it? This type of skills seems impressive for FEOH, YUL, EVIS and more... Not for : ISS, tanks: who knows..
  2. Wtf happened with icons in inventory and so on? Like WOW for kids...
  3. GMs pls check update after installed for VIT settings (no VIT, no adena for example), etc. Last updates were bugged because wrong settings / "not for me settings"
  4. And what happening if the restored weapon sold in AH? The new owner got a deteriorated weapon, which is not restorable anymore? How can be sure the buyer before he buy, this is a "good" or "bad" weapon?
  5. First time I played on L2J server a lot of years ago. That was better (ofc less ppl there) but very very buggy
  6. Message from GMs: Time to open your wallet
  7. I agree. I'm ok with +4-+5. But not +2. Check the event, there is class difference pointing. But not working, buggy, or so. If we don't say it, who will?
  8. + info for previous post: In next 2 weeks I can get cca 490 fragments (if I get only fragments from box). (D grade on lvl 105). I take every day this insta, so I'll get bracelet +2 (if I had luck or someone borrow me a good elmore, mby +3 as tank/iss.
  9. @Juji You wrote this in maintenance topic: "If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. " Here, just read and do something. And write something, you got our problem.
  10. Nightmare fragments as price? tanks, healers, iss highest problem is the number of owned fragments It should be a good solution for 110+ DDs with the proper gear to get more greater jewels or so as a reward, but the goal is help to get bracelet ++ for support characters, not make these guy richer
  11. I'm tank/iss. Not the worst one on the server. I'm 109/109 with bloody +12 weapon, but ofc defend type dual + ability skills. I did Rim Kama every single day. I have a bracelet+0 +105 fragments. My iss side did F in lvl105, tank side can do D in lvl105. With Freya rose, dark bear, dragon potion, dual hand stance mode. I don't know what is the correct solution, nobody want to delay Red Libra, but this is nonsense. I'm not sure, these 2 events couldn't be run more together, but while DDs got every day 4+ (greater) boxes and they can get more and more valuable rewards, we just suffering...
  12. Same here. It seems on 2 pcs are broken, on my notebook is alive the AH. If broken, buy & sell functions are not working.
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