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  1. No I wasn't forced, that would be robbery, not a scam. Maybe before quoting the literal definition you should put some thought in to your words...
  2. Someone needs to look up the definition of a scam! An individual deliberately set out to remove items from me at less than market value, through deception. I would describe that as dishonest. I would also describe that as something I didn't do to myself. Stop trolling. NOUN informal a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
  3. Also Bastion, that sucks, I'm sorry.
  4. I can't believe the majority opinion is that "it's part of the game" or it seems to be acceptable behaviour. It's almost like Stockholm Syndrome, it's ridiculous. It's so ingrained in people to get crap support that they somehow justify it to others now?
  5. Except there's logs to prove it and chat SS....
  6. Nobody is alert 100% of the time. People have stressful jobs, or long weeks / lives to lead and distractions. People are human and make mistakes. There should be a frame work in place to help on a paid platform. If it was free I'd understand.
  7. I have an RTX 2080 and it still runs like trash.
  8. At least in real life there's the law to help. Lineage of old was lawless, I'm hoping that's changed.
  9. Got scammed, yes I was tired. Think I've found the main due to too many coincidences and I've taken SS of all the convos I've had with both scam toon and main. Is NC still like the NC of the past where they didn't help or do they now value their player base now due to VIP and will return my item? I never got their stance on this, how hard is it to look at transaction logs and apply some common sense and just reverse things. It's all well and good forums telling people it's their fault they got scammed, but is it really? Is that the right approach? The scammer did the scamming
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