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  1. Since its been a whole day later when we getting these details? lol
  2. Not true. I have never done anything against game rules created a new account on different pc leveled it up got to to level 97 in one day with mentor buffs and vit rune going and got banned for suspicious activity. No email sent to my email why and I couldn't appeal the ban from that account had to submit a support on my main account to get that account reopened. It was a mistake and I was just banned in a mass ban of the bloody swampland of new toons. Nice huh?
  3. Several places. Spoilers spoil crystal of spoil which can be traded. They do drop from party instance boxes you get for completing the instance or the quest associated with the instance. Then there are people who have truck loads of life stones who smartly combined and upgraded them before the old ones were deleted and not to crash the market they only put a few for sale at a time 5 - 10 a batch usually. It is actually only middle class non-super nc coin buying way to make a honest living besides whats left of fishing. Some of prices on gear are horrendous but it is what its is.
  4. Did you miss the M in MMORPG part? This is a multi player game if you do not like don't play. Get some clan members and friends and "party" together I know radicaly concept but it just work sometimes. You seem like the same person who complains their is a quarantine and you cannot eat out but when there wasn't you go out to dinner alone... What difference does it make?
  5. Do you have castle set functions ability? It is a different privilege then clan hall.
  6. Actually like a clan warehouse there is a castle vault that tax income comes into if the clan leader if emptying it then those functions cannot be turned on. I use to only empty it right before a siege started then by the morning there be more in it for functions to stay on.
  7. you have to make sure there is money in the clan vault and some functions require a fort to be pledged to the castle are those conditions satisfied?
  8. Does any L2 official server have that setting? If no just stop asking. There is your answer
  9. Here is my problem the raids "smaller" clans or allies can do not drop anything. I saw the drop list for a recent faurfion raid and that would be game breaking if general clans put those things to market. Market is out of control. A cloak should cost more than a weapon and weapon should not cost 150 billion adena. There is no way to craft anything because of the ether issues max of 150 ether person per day and you cannot trade it; Took me 10 days to farm enough ether (not counting what else was needed) to just try to craft a shield that failed. No way to farm adena efficiently and ther
  10. grats its so hard to get 3/3 I keep get 2/3 not once on any of my toons have i gotten a 3/3 on any of the homunkulus however u spell it.
  11. Hime I tried to apply the code yesterday for my new account and said code couldn't apply. It was not due to expire till today's maintenance. (BTW This is for a new account i already claimed on this one) Can we get that looked at extend 1 extra day for the people that were trying yesterday and this morning but it wouldn't go through kept saying code not valid.
  12. Not knowing the class person was but summoner can put marks on people to lower their hp to 1 so one hit from a mob will them. If they do not kill the person for the initial hit from the mark the mark will seep away hp over 10 - 15 seconds till they have 1 hp left then 1 mob hit will kill you. I am sure there are skills from other class that can do similar things.
  13. So he was using a 3rd party program when you have auto attack in game macros... I call BS Programs are only used now to extract data from the server you cannot normally see in game IE only chars gear level stats etc. Shows who they are in party with a lot grimy things. So too bad so sad he used an illegal program that was not needed. Could of had a macro /target MrStupid /assist - done.
  14. TO balance the economy more adena just adds to the inflation. You raids that drop items and items that realistically craft able and sometomes random drops and spoils in the field. Its lazy programming taking random drops from mobs away yes its a pain but you make enough money off us to make real drop tables. Why does everything that need to be upgrade need r gems and r crystals can we just simplify the upgrade process of things and just make it straight adena instead of trying to figure out how much it really costs. KISS method = Keep it simple stuipd = happy gamers.
  15. My clan was talking about places in the game we either leveled in or pvp etc. If your playing less than a year don't answer this. My favorite place as an archer was the Leto Lizardman - Archer paradise no place was ever built so much for archers before or since best place to level an archer from 79 - 85 100% before GoD dropped. How about you guys?
  16. Kind of agree with Degus. Perma ban is rare in L2 so what he had to do was really bad or he kept doing bad things after getting warned and temp banned several times. They dont perma ban people for stupid 1 time things anymore.
  17. I mean we went and did Freya on hard mode which was annoying cause it maxes out at 21 players killed in and 1 EAR and she is 106?107? I remember raids use to drop multiple items if the white or yellow to most. Also Core gone, Ant queen gone, Beleth gone, Lividior gone, Antharas gone, Spezion barred indefientialy. I mean field raids are almost too hard with there shield barriers 600 hits in 15 seconds who thought that was even realistic? lol I not asking like the old Antharas raids where you couldn't even carry all the drops on one person but 1 EAR from an epic raid boss come on NC
  18. Or ask the clan leader to transfer leadership before he quits lol. I ran into a person claiming to be the original clan leader of a clan from OB. I go no because that clan merged into mine was down to 3 - 4 people and their clan leader was an old friend. The person had no idea I knew the original clan leader. He said sorry he didn't know anyone still went back that far in game lol Honestly think I might be one of the few oldest continuous clan leaders left (anyone know one that beats 15 years?) might be a few close i think not sure. Not claiming oldest clan longest clan leader is wha
  19. Slycutter


    Yuls to get dominate need a lot more fine tuning and have more expensive gear needed to be dominating pve or pvp.
  20. Way the world works. Wasn't big deal till they made clans impossible to level but if I should die or pass away info to turn my clan to another member is secured my lockbox just for these reasons lol
  21. /Shaking my head No response needed - Mana issue is legit yes, it is a bug, they are aware of it, only hot fix is to relog for now and dump your cache memory to reset things. It happens time to time regardless of levels or party composition sometimes it recovers itself if taken off macro but relogging is the sure fix for now.
  22. 1 Wasn't hated on Devianne I was well liked and stll am. I was hated by what you would deem "the elte" because I shined a light on their flaws which I exploited many times over the years because as level gaps close after a few updates they always do (it cycle) they are vulnerable because numbers > gear and i have done it many times. If I was hated so bad I would had access to the clans that hated me forums and voice servers because in those clans like me more than their own leaders. 2. I have never taken a break from the game so you obviously dont know me only my name 16 years strai
  23. As an archer with my own buffer and spoiler in party sometimes I kill faster single target than aoe and they assist me. I turn off manner mode because all it takes is one group of idiots to stop you from xping. I had a party that kept pulling my mobs the other day. So i taught them a lesson in don't let appearances fool you, they were aoeing mobs as a 7 member party. I started aoeing all their mobs and stealing 80% of their xp after 20 minutes realizing 1 archer was out damaging their whole party they let me go back to my safe farming and stopped pulling my mobs. Its not that I couldnt a
  24. My first question would be how do you afford a +8 blessed set and +7 R-110 3 SA and all those talismans and +15 int dyes at 105. 2nd question would be... Obviously you never learned to play your toons so please refer to my first. (Registration date today) suffer for a years and come talk to the rest of us. As for legit mana regen issue has nothing to do with levels or parties etc it is a bug they know about only way to get rid of it is relog the toons having issues with it.
  25. So this triggers in party even if the evi isnt attacking?
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