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  1. How you going to merge 20,000 players probably at least 8 - 10k active turning high times maybe 15k into one server? You think you have issues now. Both servers have a lot of people almost always even now what i call bad time running at normal or high. You also have the trickey problem of castles names, clan names, clan halls, heroes. There will never be another merge IMO if it gets to that point the servers will just shut down. You do remember we at our height had 10 servers.
  2. I honestly dont think I was ever pked by Daik0n even when nova was trying to Gludio for us with their alt clan for 8 months many many moons ago lol
  3. Its a stupid that doesn't balance anything only really hurts the mid to above average archers. The exalted or low end archers won't see a difference and top end archers probably will but have the adena and gear to adjust. Majority of the mid to above average archers kind built their gear up to be able to farm like this now, well its just another reason not to play. I mean no quests, pvps are one shots, you got people who become heroes who do not even wear gear in the Olympiad half the time. Cannot do raids, there are no factions or anything fun to level up or achieve.... so just mind
  4. Yea i guess they have all on the server lol I just looked he is a complete liar no clue with have more than 3 seer's in top 100 and top is 105+ lol top 5 are only 110+ 6 - 100 are under 110 so as i repeat 5 active ones on the server 2 have no clans soooooo. I think my math is pretty good. It one of most worthless classes l2 not far behind the kamael rapier class or kamael trickster lol.
  5. Feoh don't scale the same as Patk hope you realize that? I play when their wasn't a crit cap on mages and shitty mages were 1 hitting people with top jewels for 100 - 200k damage in olympiad and sieges. Ill tell you what Ill accept the archer "little nerf" if the delete the mana shield skill on mages? Want to talk about overpowered..... Yul are very normal if not for a great gear and well stack passives. If you see my equipment passive list its a page long to get to the damage i get and im not top archer but i am above average and that cost a lot of adena to even get to above average.
  6. @Daik0n I think its time to do this to TDxDan its kind of obvious now
  7. I haven't been in silent valley in months I think since the dragon weapon event. So want to try this one again? (why does everyone think they know where I xp lol) You don't understand math numbskull. 5% is a 50% base reduction. Archers do not have 800 - 900 range haven't in a long time but thanks again are you even playing same L2 servers as everyone else? Not everyone plays Yuls im in top 1000 on the server and only 180 archers are higher level than me so that means they are less than 20% of top 1000 people on the server. So what classes do the other 80% play? lol Dagge
  8. Daikon I feel your pain my birthday is 5/1/2004 Slycutter is ancient in L2 terms lol
  9. ur 110 and complaining about archers while wearing exalted? Wow.... please just stop posting anymore. Robe set dufus you could bought +8 bloody robe set full elemented for 15 - 20 billion which would just been as good. You really need this: Just to bad they nevermade a new version lol
  10. Since there are only about 4 of them in existence in all of L2 i dont think we have to worry about it. Thanks though.
  11. What about the years I endured being nerfed into the ground and now evis and maestros are being boosted through the roof? So next month you complain about evis and maestros destroying the game we will be back here again right?
  12. TDxDan you never played an archer obviously and failed math class. Reducing something from 10% to 5% is not 5% nerf its a 50% nerf. Can you please go back go back to alegbra class and learn probabilities again. If your making 10 dollars and now i reduce your pay to 5 dollars its only a 5 dollar reduction right? Or is it at 50% reduction in pay for you simple minded person you.
  13. I do the same do my solo/instances then go solo without shots lol didn't rebuy my runes for now. This jewel event is way overpriced lol not worth the nc coins.
  14. Mine isnt random everytime i try to do anything with the clan screen functions instantly crash not just DC no error message or anything just game closes automatically while in combat too. As a clan leader this becoming a sort of an issue. Please undo whatever you did because its becoming very unplayable for me right now.
  15. from what i can tell is the sniper its 1 shot 2 kill so insta kill two mobs at time is kind of impressive depending on reload time.
  16. want talk about a class that jumps around nerf evi their whole macro sets are based on jumping around lol There more effective ways for archers to fight then "jumping" i have about 8 skills that make me untargetable or make the attacker lose target but dont break my attacks on them.
  17. hence the part of why we playing without any good updates? lol
  18. any grocer i think sells them just trade other things
  19. If that is the case and we are no longer getting any content updates this what are we doing spending money here??
  20. Actually no that is the Korean live server watch the video linked. L2 Essence has the death knight. Part of their 17th annivesary update. https://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2020/201014_collection Soooooooooooo please stop.
  21. I understand all these nerfs now they are prepping us for the new race/classes released in Korea this week. Slyph - Gunner class Female - Long Range Sniper Rifle Class Male - Short Range Dual Handgunner Class w/ hoverboard And no that is not a joke......
  22. The base crit rate of those two skills is 10% before any modifiers. Now you stack modifiers on top of 10% crit rate and modifies off the base. Now you reduce the base by 50% the modifiers now based off 5% crit rate. Cuts the modifiers in at least 50% if not more. So as people were saying they would crit with high (im talking top people here) 7/8 - 10 hits now they are criting for 3 /4 out of 10 hits. Without a crit an archer is useless in aoe because our crits dont kill they just keep us a live and killing quick enough to vamp back the damage. This is not a pvp nerf t
  23. How is nerfing any class in an already boring and broken game a good idea?
  24. It was a 50% crit rate on the base if you can understand that? So all the skill crit rates are usually stacked on the base, they reduce the base in half so makes all skill crit rate modifiers less effective.
  25. Archers were nerfed for years why i stopped playing one consistently for awhile only last 2 - 3 years they had all their stupid nerfs removed to make viable again because of complaints from Koreans playing the game because majority play archers. Also this nerf is not used on the Korean servers.... wonder why? Also cannot compare use to Innova or Core because their levels and gear are much higher on average than us. Wow you people are dense.
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