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  1. Have you ever fired a bow irl or see bowman from the middle ages? This is an arm guard in modern days they are usually carbon fiber or leather to help protect the arm from a firing a bow. In the middle ages they were hard leather/metal to protect their arms from being chopped off. So yes they call it a sigil but archers always had arm protection so you are clueless stop it.
  2. Use to be able to trade them in not sure if you still can.
  3. problem is once you open pandora's box there is no way to go back to subscription unless you start a new server.
  4. Is there any superior gems on the server at all? I only seen a handful of level 3 greaters so my guess would be no
  5. lol you have a better hope of hitting 130 and becoming a dragon yourself lol
  6. its basically reduces the boxes u get by 50% to get the same reward you would get without reducing the boxes. Boy they are sale geniuses if anyone buys into that lol
  7. or lose ur xp spot while getting the 2 hour boost lol Halloween event for 0 adena was better didnt have to leave your hunting grounds.
  8. So lets sum this up: You nerf the only class that isn't hurt by the melee bug by -50% damage on their aoes making them less effective aoe without fixing any existing problems you create a new one? Was there a reason for this change archers were just actually leveling so you couldn't have that? Then you come up with an even that gives worthless jewels for expensive rates. $250.00 for 200 chests is stupid. Worst than last event. Maybe $250.00 for 2000 chests would of been more realistic since you have grind 100's of jewels to level up a a brooch which will not happen at these price
  9. See its a very mix bag without knowing ur full gear setup. I would say tanor is not a bad location if u want to party. Don't wast time partying in pathasmal that is a solo or duo at best location. IT crater never liked it as an archer too crowded and bad layout. Atelia too low of xp. So Silent Valley - ok if you can aoe Tanor - ok if you can aoe Not knowing your gear fully cant really suggest much. To be honest 106/107 is time look in the mirror and say am im going to spend on this game or not. If you don't spend irl cash on NCcoins or events then 107/108 is highest u
  10. im iucky if i get 5 - 7% at the current rate at 109 so id love to be getting 20% a week again lol. Party exp bonus should definitely be in place shouldn't be punished by xping with others as you need higher level tank and supports for high level zones but they cannot xp by themselves but they slow dd's down without party xp so kind of a rub there.
  11. Light is always 5% Dark is always 20. Before the light and dark bs which makes no sense (they removed all that lore from game but left that mechanic) now you could set it yourself from 0 - 15% Nevermind a manor system that benefits the peasents and the lords if you knew what were you were doing. Peasents would get adena for turning in crops and lords would get items they could only get from events or high level raids drops. Was actually great system until NCSoft broke it.
  12. aden collects a % of tax from all castle in aden territory where Rune takes a % of all castles in rune territory.
  13. Not sure what he is saying but party exp bonus should be added permanently.
  14. Use to be poison attack not sure how many classes have a poison now except i know my dagger an aoe poison cloud.
  15. I haven't exp at AI in months you better update your spy drones lol
  16. Forget a dragon weapon if u r not in a top clan they almost never hit the open market if they do its from someone quitting or just a fragment.
  17. Santiago gives it Heine learn to fish quest also part of the supply quest that you give you a 7 day epic jewel set i think? I forget been awhile. Its the quest another way to become stronger you get from herpaph in aden. Also you get other quests from santiago to get reel fragments to ugprade a regular fishing pole to master rod. Master rod level 1 is almost 100% (i never failed but i guess its possible) then you can upgrade that slowly to level 5 doing the quests and making adena as you go.
  18. Yes join a clan many older clans have members that dont fish or at least have extra starting rods for people to start out.
  19. Or you make friends with a clan member. You can get a free 7 day rod and invest 50 - 60 mil and you will make more than enough to get your own rod before the end of that week and start making a profit. Its not easy but can be done.
  20. There is no way to get to the level of enchant without failing regardless of bonuses or money. Even if that was case for 1 how do you have multiple cases of that? There are not even that many enchants out there that would allow you to do that. If do a probability or statistically analysis of the chance gf getting to +20 or +25 or +30 it gets 100x times worse every enchant you go up. If you understand advance math here it is: (Probability was based on a 50%chance of success, Probability A was the chance of 30 successful enchant, I could get more technical but chances it happens is 0
  21. Issue is there no way for a normal player to even see or touch a real dragon weapon (not counting events) so the gap between top people and everything else is a huge divide. I don't have anyway to come up with a few trillion adena to buy a dragon weapon if someone that has one willing to sell it.
  22. Happened again today just now. Luckycharms +30 a limited R110 Bow. Last bow that +31 was just regular no enchanted no bloody, this being limited is a game crushing bow only thing better would be level 3 dragon bow. Are we playing on a illegal server and some of us just haven't gotten the memo yet? How much does it cost to buy a GM for free enchants because might be cheaper than doing it the legit way.
  23. Get to 105 and exalted status and get your subclass.
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