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  1. Happened again today just now. Luckycharms +30 a limited R110 Bow. Last bow that +31 was just regular no enchanted no bloody, this being limited is a game crushing bow only thing better would be level 3 dragon bow. Are we playing on a illegal server and some of us just haven't gotten the memo yet? How much does it cost to buy a GM for free enchants because might be cheaper than doing it the legit way.
  2. Get to 105 and exalted status and get your subclass.
  3. That is the issue no matter what way you look at it scrolls luck pots lady luck its not statistically possible to do it it just isn't without finding an exploit in the system.
  4. we all thought that too someone screenshotted in my discord when it happen let me look https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703695605150646366/766840306926092368/20201016_194931.jpg?width=483&height=643 Was a bow https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703695605150646366/766851653344165939/IMG-20201016-WA0008.jpg Stats: 3891 Patk 1363 matk 21% soul shot damage.
  5. I really like to know what lucky pot of gold that the person that has +31 weapon on my server stole. Mathematically even with all the items in game that is statistically impossible under any the current game systems its 1 in trillion chance or worse to getting +31 weapon safely. Put it in more conventionally terms its like hitting the lottery 2 times with the same ticket and getting hit by lightening in the same place 3 x and surviving to cash that double lotto ticket.
  6. Blitz u still play? How you doing? I did the math ill get 110 in about 41 days with my current xp rate and boosts. However its cost effectiveness for people with limited resources I am holding back on using NC Coins etc until another xp event and just grind out the 41 days to 110. Past that ill see what level 110 skills boosts me to. During xp events like we just have people who do not have unlimited resources are more tempted to spend money as there money goes further, its not about being rich or poor its about being smart with your money. I am not stopping playing like some during
  7. No fishing events ever again that was already stated by the NcSoft Korea.
  8. Navari Mask, Dragon jewels, Angel jewels issue they get better stats as they are + up so that wouldn't make sense. Issue with them is they are destroyed if you fail no way to bless enchant no safe enchants etcs. So either remove the item destruction or make it safe to enchant those items to a respectable level like weapons and armour. I don't even waste my time with angel or dragon jewels after the video of 1 fallen angel earring guy had 5000 of them and could only get one out of the 5000 to +8 when +10 is max, all the faliures nothing was left not even crystals to sell waste of time.
  9. it was time limited 30 day sets back then not perm sets like the exalted. Also they had no sas or abilities on them like exalted does if your talking about the steel guild ones which were trash pretty much too. Also there an issue if you were mentor before (IE below level 40) you couldn't be mentored again just because you came back, not sure when that bug was addressed but that stopped a lot of people who were in there 50 - 70's when they quit from the getting the diploma gear also.
  10. You have to unequip the ring to see it that is the bug. If you do not possess the ring you cannot see it. Happens with a few items.
  11. No. I had people that were 103/104 when they quit but were in twilight and apoc weapons. No one got free gear like exalted quest line before. Yea i do find it odd they cannot get the level 40 box some of their jewels could be worse than the paulina ones.
  12. lol god imagine when they could only 16 buffs how mad these people would be. Old school people know how to arrange buffs for issues like this. Most important buffs are always buffed last, the one that are nice they help if you can keep them are first. Live and learn I guess lol
  13. In past store event I would agree with you but now they are starting to give you options on what to do with these chest on the last event and this one. Last event you level them up by chance and trade them in for a prize of a guarenteed nature (still random but lets more focus on better outcome random) or sell it to someone wanting to take that chance, or open it yourself. This store event is very similar, you can upgrade to eliminate many of the low end things, take a chance with low end items in or trade to a more focus less random prize. So yes it still random but you can par dow
  14. Completely random as I know one person that got 3 out of once big batch what is that 200? All Zariche though 3 of them.
  15. biggest change is removing elcyum
  16. What they remove elcyum from the upgrade? I do not see elcyum on that list?
  17. Yea dragon weapons are not easy to level up.
  18. Scared money never wins. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. If you think your going to hit rich forget it rarely happens all my years i hit the jackpot only 2 times with high tier items that help me gear up to pretty good gear 3 - 4 years ago since then most of the been eh help add little damage or little something to my toon and break me even.
  19. Now that is not clear is it RL server time or in game server time? Both mean different things, a day passes on the server every 4 hours. 6 hours in game = 1 real life hour. (Only know from my old Vampire farming days) So which is it?
  20. Listen we use to have a test server here. That is gone. We use to have a HGM and SGM on the forums they are both gone (not even sure they have HGM anymore) They have a lot less personal dedicated to these servers than even 2 years ago nevermind 5 - 10 years ago. I agree it sucks, we are red headed step children of the L2 world they are not even servers with US times in the US market lol somehow the NA server got changed to Eastern Brazil time zone server even though the company based in Central and Western US lol so how they even let that happened is beyond me but it kills me f
  21. See and that is where I don't understand people. NcSoft saw the boat was about to go down the whirlpool after the last update and have make concrete steps in the right direction the last 2 months with events and trying to fix issues, adding perm items that are not in other areas to fix issues just experienced here because it is a different population. Pushing Varka and Ketra updates out sooner then scheduled to add more areas to game. They tried to fix the mana bug it backfired and they had to roll back the servers yes it sucked but They tried. They are not microsoft or google or e
  22. Can i have your stuff? No seriously you know how many times I have heard this. I have some clannies who done this multiple times and kick themselves everytime they throw everything away like they going to quit for good, many many never do. If want to quit good take a break from the game, but chances you will be back until they close these servers its been proven time and time again, some come back for a month, some come back for a year but everyone comes back lol.
  23. To be honest get rare or paulina jewel set for NC Store until you make adena in game to build it out. Mine as i have built it a little is Queen Ant Soul Ring Crafted with Str Ring of Creation Atlas Earring +12 Orfen Soul Earring Frintezza Soul Necklace with Mind (skill coolodwn) This sort of a mid tier set up plenty ways I can upgrade but they also get expensive if you watch t
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