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  1. but pet classes get hit the hardest because the level of the pet and damage penalty
  2. If I had to guess and they will never admit it is server load. They built to be one continuous zone unlike other MMORPG but that does put limits on it only way around that is instances which they can do but that hurts the interactivity of the game too so eh.
  3. Most of the development of the game has stopped if you haven't notice. There is almost nothing tied to the lore of the game anymore. The water dragon I believe was last thing they added that had to do with lore. Things like catacombs and necros were closed which was a huge lore thing, nevermind when they towns were destroyed by the Goddess of Destruction then poof they are all fixed one day no explanation. The seeds were big and fun change, but they were closed for the most part. Raids are not even done anymore except by the top players. Field raid bosses are too high level and require t
  4. Unless you want to do something specific with you dual most people dual their class with something that shares gear with the main. IE main is Yul Ghost Sent like me i sub a Yul Sagi just level it quick to get the buffs not to actually play. So thats is actually a personal decision for you, some have a fun sub class they use to just enjoy stuff not worrying about leveling it too fast. Rodah advice is good with the maestro you need that 106 skill and if you can get to 107 before this event is over your sanity will appreciate it, 106 is a terrible level lol.
  5. No Chanix... Whatif got it, Get2thepoint both did. Nothing to do with macros. I understand what your saying Whatif, even though its just a game people want to win even if they have to cheat to do it.
  6. I said evi duelist and maestro. Titan if geared right.
  7. to be honest with the xp event might be better to do a reroll instead of playing with gear etc. Yea only a few doombringers left on the server honestly there isnt that many kamaels on the server that are active. Top 100 for race on Kamael start at level 106. Top 15 is only 110 on my server. To put things into perspective for you. Also in that top 100 almost none are actual kamael classes. If you want a good melee DD go with a Evi or a Maestro or even a duelist but duelist need higher level and good gear to get to their high damage output. Tyrr Titans are still good if built the
  8. Did I miss something what the heck is Tyrr Domi? Is that a new class? Do you mean Iss Dominator? If that is the case you need a sword and shield, or blunt and shield because dominator's get a huge bonus to shield like a tank does. Also if you have a dominator you better join a clan with your toons or kind of waste of a dominator. Dominator are good for pvp or aoe debuffer. They are meaty tanky iss not DD iss. I built mine up with high pdef and hp so it can survive an assault and keep clan members alive with clan buffs cp heals and debuffs. Also as an archer helps with balance life
  9. 1. Did you read that? Where do we get EoD from? No way for us to get that in NA - Answer: NC Store 2. Yea great all those crystal of dawn items.... Where do we get crystal of dawns from? - Answer: NC Store 3. I cannot read that one so idea. So you answer to changes is add more items we need to buy for IRL cash?
  10. You do realize they are only the producer of this game not the developer? They doing what is in their power to help along their population while waiting for the developer to make long term changes. They cannot change hard content that has to come from developer so they are trying to buy time till these updates come through to balance it for the population of these servers. We have showed when we are happy everyone is willing to pay a little. As much as they like whales just like in Vegas or any major gambling mecca they need the average people to attract the whales. Whales like to show
  11. Hence the question. Anakim and Rare accessory come in trade able and non trade able versions. so that doesn't help.
  12. Ok I want to spend these coins best I can so if i take another Bloody Rune and Vital rune 30 days start running on the day we buy them because they are not in a pack that I understand. Rare accessory can I save that or do they start running the day I buy or are they tradeable/sellable? Anakim outfit appearance stone - is that char bound tradeable sellable on account transferable? Hourglass, freya, and honey beer items all are removed on 11/11/20 correct? Thank you in advance.
  13. I haven't notice in years i guess since I wasn't actively playing as much as now but now that I am creeping more towards the top end players I see it more and more and honestly it makes me not want to play. PvP grudges etc can be fun against real people but when no matter how good you get or how good your gear gets you will never win, its kind of pointless endeavor to keep playing. I know when NCSoft hammered that top clan that shall not be named it up ended up upending lot of things but brought a little sense of maybe glimmer of hope but I see someone new will always replace top cheaters an
  14. I am not asking anyone to admit personal use but lets break it down. You have the levels, you have the gear, and you still use automated programs to remove any chance of losing. When you see top people fight sometimes it watching whose computer has a faster response time because neither is actively playing their toons. So I simply ask why? Why even keep continuing to play a game that you hardly interact all in ? I cannot understand that point it is a game but your not playing.
  15. Yes I seen that video and 3 years ago that may been the case but there has been a whole I mean a whole of changes since then, elemental damage been redone, lethal and half kills been redone, skill cooldown formula on some skills has been rework limits on max skills have been raised if you have certain runes or buffs so not really sure if that really applies anymore. 100 Dex on a GS is also a dream on MS maybe not but if dex was more important than STR why are almost all Archers GS and not MS? Skills are pretty similar except the base stats. MS are suppose to crit and be faster than GS.
  16. From my understanding and my test in game there a break point which is (75 dex) that doesn't further improve an archers core damage. I am at max run speed, max attack speed, max crit rate and Skill damage is added to your Patk so where the Dex issue arises I am not sure. I am going off my personal experience and even if helps crit rate you need the patk to do the damage that doesn't change.
  17. Reading is fundamental: Swap your bow to +12 r110 at least enchanted (than go dark and after that put bloody to get limited r110) 3sa ( at least 2 stage 8) You compared a +12 R110 bloody to +15 R99 Bloody. Now compare a +12 R110 Enhchanted to +15 R99 Bloody. Do you even read?
  18. No one should ever go Dex instead of Str for an archer unless all skills in the game have been redone. Can we stop telling archers to go full dex it hurts your toon you only need a min level of dex to maximize its utility now that whole full dex thing is old news. If you have 75 dex or more your fine. Rest should go to Str. Also if has a +15 bloody bow why would he swap for a +12 r110 enchanted? He can upgrade it to +13 Bloody then use dark to make it limited. Dark bows do nothing to help you level its pvp only and cheaper if its not already bloody. R99 Bloody +15 > +12 R110 Ench
  19. No artifacts? Level 3 artifact book will give you a lot of pve/pvp damage and +1 to all stats. Armour? Elmore cloak at least +5 +7 better +10 would be great of course +15 but that is very expensive.
  20. Not complain their toon is less than 30 days old? Lol I have suffered for 16 years, when you have come talk to me.....
  21. Well i my toon im still playing is a member of the 6000 day club. How many others toons that still play are from May 1st 2004 (or early if you were a beta player)? Can only be a handful of left active (I know I have a few in my clan)
  22. To be honest a tank should never solo post 105 your foundation of CP's upgrade Armour before weapon to make yourself a better tank.
  23. Amazing we get exactly what we were requesting and people still complain. It not an xp zone you can do unless you actually know how to play your toons effectively. As some posters said with the right setup and no cutting corners you can do really well here. 8 - 10 trillion an hour is 240 trillion a day... id say thats good.
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