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  1. Difference is old GMs use to play the game and once something like this was brought to light they would ask you for the additional information but would ban those accounts. This was back in the day before F2P. I loved HGM Spam he has dungeon he use to put botters in the confirm they were botting. He put there once on the test server because I was joking with him and told me I got a time out lol. It looks like a doorless castle dungeon room where the warehouses for the castle is but nothing it but GMs can spawn mobs to test your targeting etc. So they would teleport a botter in the
  2. I am no way saying not to add dex, but you do not deduct str to add to dex as a building archer. You need a strong base patk to level as an archer all the half kills in the world dont help because that was nerfed in the last update if your more than 3 levels below the mob thanks to evi and maestro skill use so until in your in the 108/109+ range str outweighs dex. Once you get to the higher levels thats when you find ways to increase your dex. Also if your DE archer which 99% are now being above 75 dex is never a problem..
  3. Hands one just reminded me of I went through out in FoM guy was targeted me with a program on an untagged alt trying to keep me from rezzing my main after he pked me to take my spot. I brought a dagger out hidden and he followed it but guess wasn't the greatest program because I made him dash to me (dagger also) off a cliff then i rezzed with a different alt and killed him. The fact I had to use multiple toons to overcome a program just to rez my toon is kind why this game makes legit players so mad. You want to buy nc coins or adena whatever you got the money for that fine but then you
  4. 4 months to go from 8 to 9 impressive.... Good luck on that going forward they took away many of clan leveling mechanics.
  5. Good luck trying to level a clan now its not really possible.
  6. There is no lore attached to these updates at all either. Their no background to this game nothing is connected last update that connected anything was when they added the water dragon. Anyone know what a homunculus s is why its like a pet but not a pet or where it came from or where we are summoning it from? This is RPG where is the roleplaying part? Only thing I know of a homunculus is was that ugly green mage aoe water splash beast back in the day from Wall of Argos mixed in with the angels.
  7. samething happened to me in olympiad this weekend. I use the Decoy/Camo trick against a similar level evi so they would run out their steel mind before the fight and even though i was completely hidden and stayed out of range of the evi's aoe it kept following me around the arena till I came out of camo so I could never get the distance I needed to effetely fight it. Its not the point that I have the gear or friends to be a hero but if they have to cheat at meaningless olympiad battles what else will they do. These are easy to see and ban exploits all it would do is take a gm 10 seconds
  8. Please explain to me how dex helps with someone who no patk? Anyone that has halfway decent idea is already max out on crit rate and attack speed without dyes. You add dex with Str you do not add dex instead of Str /smh its an end game tweek when you maxed out skills and built up your abilities etc. When your starting without patk please tell me how you level? Show where Dex helps a new archer that already has max atk speed and crit rate. ITS never been proven anywhere people just keep saying it don't make it true.
  9. Can everyone please stop with bleep dex dyes. Dex dyes is end archer tweak not building archer. The only Dex dyes you want are the elite dyes you get from dye merchant +3 Str / +3 dex level 1 up to level 5 (which is very hard and expensive to get) You want masters rage as a SA ability. You want a seven signs talisman as it enhances a longing / insanity talisman. You have a +6 Krinisha bow great, is it at least enchanted? If its not even enchanted you would be better off with a bloody R99 bow. Plain R110 bow is kind of useless. SA's you should have on Crit Fire and Speed Fire
  10. Oddly enough worked in my favor one month many many moons ago where majority of the server all agreed to feed me to make hero for a month I wonder if I still have the screenshots from back then damn that was long ago. Was political reasons behind it mostly to aggravate the clan in power.
  11. Herb is a permanent addition to the game yes red libra helps a lot but the herb isn't going away until somehow the areas are rebalanced.
  12. This has been going on since heroes were created. It was easier when it was the same server its a little more difficult but not guaranteed. Not going to change people exploit the system for years it is what it at this point. I have toons hit me with skills their class doesn't have in the Olympiad which still baffles me.
  13. That is what I am missing they is a strong penalty if mobs/raids are pink and if they are red god forbid. On top of that a 50% resistance buff can people just say how they do to give everyone an idea if its in the real possibility then. If they won't say my guess is an exploit is being used which screws up for all of us to be honest, because of the raids die then they have no reason to re balance them for the majority of the people on the server. If you remember this is old reflect damage exploit people were using with low level summoners and their summons and raids where the raid boss
  14. Actually not a horrible item and might be something NCwest can manage themselves and if they want they change the items every month to cycle things and make the market more efficient. Different items could cycle through the market and never completely devalue them but also put them in a more reasonable range. Also lower level people can farm AA and sell it to get more things moving around.
  15. With the Hunting Zone adjustments, Baium, Orfen, Lilith, Anakim, and Lord Ishka field raid bosses will be scaled to lv. 125 and will have the resistance effect of “received P./M. Skill Critical Damage -50% added. That was i referring about the crit damage resistance added to raid bosses which include Lord Ishka.
  16. Actually it was one of the best features of L2, people could explore content they may never get to on the live servers but also they would stress test some of the new features and we would find out what was broken and it would never make it live. There was a lot of game breaking things on test server that never made to live because of this testing method and showed good will and people interacted in a friendly matter with NcSoft GMs, and testers. Sometimes a GM would take on the appearance of a raid boss and attack a town where people would kill it and would explode with items all over the p
  17. Didn't the cap Crit damage on raids with these update though? That is where I am confused. No gear was added to the game R110 is still the top gear - dragon weapons which are still pretty rare in NA at least stage 2 ones, simple or stage 1 are more out there but not that much so. I am just asking because we have a top 100 player with very very high end gear in our clan thats a DD so trying to actually do raids would be great.
  18. Simple coding? If A go to B if no A go to C? Its called program hierarchy its actually a simple command structure they put in place based on how they want items to stack. (dumb down to make it understandable to people that don't know programming)
  19. on Naia? and how because i want to know what piece of information I am missing how to do damage to raid that is 10 levels above u
  20. Its a 112 party spot test yesterday if you have a decent tank and healer and dd's 108 with good gear or 109 + with decent gear u can xp there efficiently but here is the little kick I would not auto hunt there because too many things can go wrong its an active party hunting area. 23 - 25 billion xp per mob in a party of 5+ or more and in a party of 7 was still getting 7 - 10k adena per mob was actually nice. Hunting for auto party u hunt at your level or below for active hunting you hunt at your level or slightly above. You can easily make this area a 1 - 2 hour area a day for similar t
  21. Also im sure it was but these forums were reset at the end of 2017 so over a decade and half of my posts poofed lol
  22. Isn't Lord Ishka a level 125raid boss now? Is there anyone on either server that can damage a level 125 raid boss since i didn't know L2 had any level 121 players on either server? Has anyone successfully killed any of the new level 125 raids? Just little confused trying to get clarification because all the level 120 raids are always up because.... well no one can kill them either.
  23. https://lineage2.fandom.com/wiki/Updates Gives you release of all the updates till end of 2017. We lost out of resources that use to give us info on this game and there are really no forums outside the main forums for L2 anymore. Use to be L2Blah (for all the bickering etc, and update info) and L2Rochand use to give us a good translation on the updates from Korea and discussion on how to prepare for them months in advance. However most of those are are gone for awhile now.
  24. I completely agree our prices should at least be in line with Euro server pricing as both regions have similar GDP and average incomes. I also think we need an overhaul on prestige pack because cube's items are outdated add runestones, level 1 legendary dyes or dye crystals, artifact fragments, crystal of dawns things people need that cannot buy from a merchant of mammon. Enchant scrolls of the lower type are worthless I have over 700 E-AR and 200 E-WR so its kind of stupid I would make money to sell them to a shop at this point lol. Also soul bottle fragments are useless because you cannot
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