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  1. 23 minutes ago, iHyperlite said:

    I don't really see a problem with this. These types of clans have existed forever.

    Kaganpwnz on teon made this type of action famous a long time ago. 

    Nothing here is against the rules. This is a pvp game.




    Edit: regarding perfect use of skills. Go fight the top 50 on each server in oly. Complaining about people cheating with software is as old as the game is. Learn to counter it or find a new game. Just because someone beats you, doesn't mean they're cheating. 

    Chaining multiple skills together is as easy as an mkb macro  today. To claim the person is a cheater based on you receiving his torment is equally as childish as his behavior in the 1st place.

    2 wrongs don't make a right. Learn to counter or make friends to fight back. 

    Normally I would agree with you, but when you cannot fight someone even on a field of play is what is making this hard.  The tactics were ok in days of Teon for simple reason they were bound by game mechanics and couldn't harass people continuously without going to town or working off their reds or regearing.

    Now you have a system where they can teleport around the map at will without going to town, start wars with clans that don't want to war, restart the war within the same day it has ended, regear and get shots pots etc from NC Store without ever leaving the field.  Nevermind back then there were a lot more places to level and it  was harder to get to in a night and search them all now within in an hour they can search every hunting ground in the game and repeat the cycle.

    I know the old trick when we had necros and catacombs up people use to park alts at the entrance to know when enemies were coming to soe, log out, or get ready to fight.  This game isn't that very limited areas to even hunt good or bad xp don't matter there is only 1 - 2 zones per level to hunt now which is stupid honestly.

    SO cannot compare apples to oranges here too different situations, top clans also have issues with them and do not fight people.  If you could xp not afk most people wouldn't be afk xping.

  2. Since its apparent they are completely disregarding every rule NCSoft has about this game and exploiting every part of it and harrassing pve clans nevermind pvp clans this needs to be brought to light.

    Yea I am probably going get banned for this but try to end the war they start up again immediately by exploiting aoe mechanics.  They only hunt people who are afk, the use myteleport system to get to places to hide when being hunted.

    They go red for no regard for their toons since they are probably alts.  They are a level 6 clan with 15/16 members just enough to start wars.

    Even when you get them to fight they are using auto use programs for skills, pots, and to detect hidden enemies.

    I was in camouflage once and one of their members runs right up to be aoe's to make me appear and then BSOE.  There is no way he could known I was there unless use of illegal programs.

    If you do not flag or war them they just outright pk you because there is no penalty to pk someone if your doing it with an alt.

    They are laughing in your face NCSoft and your making loyal customers not wanting to play even more by your inaction.

    Also hire a spanish speaking GM to translate all the cursing they do in spanish which is against ToS no matter what language it is in.

  3. Your obviously not a clan leader or trying to level a clan lol  Please don't comment on thing you do not know.

    10,000 CRP is not easy to get takes 2 people full Dailies for the week to get that.   Also you got 30,000 CRP needed a week just to keep your clan skills going.

    So need 6 more people just to get 30k week there.  If you want to increase your clan skills you need a lot of CRP you do not want to go negative if you can help.

    So please educate yourself a little.

  4. I love how this post address an issue and provided a solution that could be easily managed by NCSoft staff and no one event comments on it.

    All you people like to complain but do not offer realistic solutions.  Here I presented a problem most people agree is a problem with a way to fix the problem that our local team can easily do to fit the play style of this region.  Only one person comments.


  5. SMH here we go with the Dex again.

    Yes go with Dex because STR has nothing to do with archers.  However if Dex is so important why are most archer Ghost Sentinels (DEs) and not Moonlight Sentinels (LEs) who naturally have more dex?

    All i will say on that topic for now on.

  6. The current war system is obvious it works for no one, its preputal war even if a clan does not want to be in a war.  The whole kill 5 people to start the war is so easily exploited (NCSoft don't say it isn't because everyone knows it is) that hurts just your honest customers.

    Big clans break up into micro 14 person clans to avoid war so they can continue to level and make other people go red on them.

    So old system was very simple and straight forward; lets go back to it.  For newer people this how it work:

    Clan A declares war on Clan B.

    Clan A is now in war status but all pvp rules still apply.  If Clan B doesn't  accept war Clan A cannot pk them or pvp them without them flagging.  However if Clan A dies its only 1/4 XP loss but if Clan B dies its full XP loss.

    Clan B accepts war now it becomes two way pvp rules apply to flagging but no PK rules for members of war clan.  Both clans go to 1/4 death. 

    One clan surrenders, they surrender the 10k clan rep to clan they agreed to war BUT cannot be rewarred by that clan for 21 days.


    Its a war system that made sense and was something to gain from actually winning the war but also gave the losing clan time to recover from the war since they had a 21 day blackout period from being rewarred to regain footing and lost Clan Rep.

    What is the reason we can't go back to a system that made sense and worked?

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Dagger said:

    Oke, fair enough, stacked people AOEing in hellbound might be an issue

    but so is stacked tyrrs 1 hitting mobs, or feohs, or even healers

    Most yuls are laughable at best, and this topic is just an demonstration of clueless archers.
    Look at Daikon, this guy could barely kill mobs in gainak a year ago.

    I admit most archers have no clue how to really play an archer except how others tell them.  I run into Daikon few times but a year ago i was hardly playing and was only level 100 with basically r99 gear that was good but became the same as exalted when they released.  I came back in April and my subclass reset so I got my sub back to 105 and my main is almost 110 not bad for 5 months but took many hours and some NCCoins and adena to do but I had a basic concept how to build my archer (nevermind level 4 other toons to 108+)

    Most only follow one path and I would be having issues if I built like people told me to but I built it how I learned to use my archer.   This nerf effects majority of the mid level archers since they build a heavy dex build to crit a lot sooner than their archer grows into at end game.  End game archers will be close to 100% regardless its the mid tier ones suffering from this the ones that were trying to super level their toons under prime conditions.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dagger said:

    Every single exp or pvp party have POM/Victories, wtf are you even saying?
    You see archers in a spot you like?
    Get rid of them, easy done deal PK them

    You cannot easily PK well geared high level archers.  During one part of the xp event I only left because it goes so annoying it was giving me headache not that I was dying.  I was in Hellbound solo aoeing a huge swath of area.  Because of damage I was doing with vamp; I actually had people who tried to pk me kill themselves on my reflect damage lol  while I was fully healing from their damage.  I am decently geared I would never say well geared but if that was how it was working for me well geared archers probably just look at you and you die lol.

    Archers are good DD's but just average people also forget they get a huge boost in damage archers when they hit 110 its a triple whammy.

    1.  Exalted 6

    2.  Ultimate self buff from greater Rune.

    3.  +10% damage (PvP/PVE) from Ability tree passive

    I have seen it in clan members the damage from 109 to 110 can almost double.  Its not the class itself is overpowered its if you stack the right passives, buffs, and gear that don't cancel anything out that is what makes you a monster.  If do not do it right or do not have the money to do it then you never become the boogie man archer people talk about.

  9. On 11/16/2020 at 8:59 AM, Tuky said:

    TOP items hmm that realy depend

    on Naia atm:

    Artifacts - +11% p skill power - 120b (few days ago), rest of artifacts pskill power, patk, skill crit dmg (fight), pskill crit rate, pskill crit dmg, patk (balance) - every one of them lets say at least 80-120b (+10) /each

    Ruby lvl 5 i think that will be 120-140b , red cat lvl 5 (someone sell it for 375b in Aden square)

    +15 elmore cloak - impossible to get with any augment but i think 400b+

     rings:  angel +6 (40-50b), dragon (80b+), GOD (100b+)

    earings: lindvior (85b+) , atlas +12(mentees), GOD really dont know 170b+

    necklace: valakas 40-60b  GOD 220b+

    Bracelet - cancer +7 (2b+)  aries +7 (2b+)  leo +7 (2,5b+) - lvl 3 bracelet 43b+

    Navari +5 (30b+)  Radiant circlet +5 (27-40b)

    Maybe there will be some diff because of changes in market but still crazy prices to make something interesting

    Chronos the prices are better.

    Ruby and Red cats eye are Over priced where ever because they the highest in demand jewels

    Artifacts - get level 1s for now to activate a level 3 artifact book.  The artifact book level 3 is bigger bump for the price then actual artifacts gives +6% damage (pvp/pve) and -7% damage (pve/pvp) and +1 to all stats

    +15 elmore cloak is 120 - 150 billion

    Earrings - eh atlas +12 everyone has if they dont get it from mentees they get from hero coins

    Rings - i prefer a ring of creation and a baium/aq blessed rings personally which are cheaper

    Navari - is nice but you going to spend the NC Coins right now you can get level 3 wings of splendor which is equal and enhances your circlet too.

    Circlet - +5 radiant authority is 18 - 22 billion good upgrade

    Bracelet - level 3 was 18 billion and agathions are about the same price

    Also nevermind you need a bow and Armour too lol  min of +8 Armour set for cool down bonus 10 is better but you can get by with 8, better to go bloody till end game for armor don't forget a +4 or better enchanted r110 sigil adds damage and crit damage not expensive 2 - 3 billion.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Daik0n said:

    "4RcH3Rs hAv3 be3N tHe B3sT cL4Ss iN aLl cHrOnICL3"


    Where were you when archers had 30% damage nerf based on target distance?
    Where were you when they introduced Song of Windstorm? I bet you have no idea what it is.
    Where were you when archers skills were useless for dmg and all we had was normal attacks that are subject to bow delay? Do you even know what bow delay is? I bet my gear you dont.
    Where  were you when on top of Song of Wind storm they introduced Counter Critical (-30% received critical dmg and 2x given critical dmg EXCEPT for bows) and Chant of Protection(another -30% received critical dmg)?
    Where were you when GoD went live and nukers were completely overpowered that even previous archers used stone of desteny to change to Feoh?
    Where were you when bows/xbows got their critical damage multiplier changed from 2.0x to 1.5x effectively reducing critical damage by HALF in the Lindvior update? And in that same update daggers got their Critical Tatics/etc buffs and boost in their passives that made them bleeping strong and top class for a long time
    Were were you we ranged skills got nerfed from 1110 range to 900 range? And in the same time archers jump got nerfed from 800/600 to 600/400?

    I know were you were. You were playing other classes cause archers sucked. And only recently you made an archer.

    you cant make a list of archers boost that's 1/10 of the size of the nerfs i just mentioned.

    "4RcH3Rs hAv3 be3N tHe B3sT cL4Ss iN aLl cHrOnICL3"
    gtfo freaking noob.

    Thank you i forgot about the windstorm nerf that sucked lol  I mostly was looking at the pve stuff range sucks too if it was not  afk xping  with macros as an archer i wouldn't be doing it right now because its constant skill spamming now.

    Everyone forgets the might mortal dagger broken SA.  I made a lot of money selling the two might mortal daggers I had because i didn't like the dagger class I did make money off it.   You know there is an issue when a level 85 dagger is running around with cgrade dagger because weapons had no effect on their ability damage. 

    What NCSoft still doesn't capture is nerfing one class sets off a domino effect; they should raise other classes not nerf classes.

  11. What im saying its a move in the right direction its not the best but its something.  Im not satisfied either but its first change they made to those things in a very long time, now if they can update prestige that be better.

    I making between 30 - 40 trillion xp currently a day without trying to be full of vit all the time but even if they added party xp that would go to 60 trillion a day but at the current rate it will take me over 3 months to get another level.  Chances of anyone under 112 making 112 in any less than a year without spending a lot of adena is slim if not none.  Xp rates are on these servers are fighting against people even with good gear what is the issue with keeping bonus party xp is that really that game breaking?

    Shouldn't they be encouraging partying and socializing?

  12. I really love to see those patch notes because I never heard of distance and direction effecting nukes.  I had to up higher and behind a mob to have my damage at 100% your telling me nukers had the same nerf?


    Never heard about such a nerf so please let us know when that was everyone knows about the archers nerfs.

  13. 5 hours ago, DorfL2 said:

    Not really sure what's the big hoohah about Archer been nerf.

    Every class have been nerf to hell, except archer.


    I've been in this game since BETA. Archer have been the BEST class basically in all CHRONICLE.

    With this small nerf, its still nothing at all, as gd as no nerf. Archer is still the most powerful class in this game.

    Based on me having a level 110 Archer, 110 Feoh and 110 Evi.


    Personally, if archer can 1 to 2 shot a tank, it's hell on a nonsense.

    That's goes to show how un-even is the difference in class. The game mechanism and setup failed.

    You obviously missed quite a few years where the archers were nerfed into the dirt and Mages were on top.  When they added directional nerfs and distance nerfs to archers that stupid and hurt especially in PvP and nevermind pve without a tank you had to actually had to kite you must had no clue how annoying that is when you have to do it repetitive.  Or lets go back to day before infinite quivers and mysterious shots when we either needed a mule dwarf to hold items for us or got to town every few hours to reup on supplies since we had to carry arrows to even attack mobs (only class in the game that needed something besides a weapon to attack mobs)

    I am not saying things haven't gotten easier but archer was one more annoying and more difficult classes to play for a long time and mages were on top for a long long time especially when they added magic crits.

  14. GoD chapters not so bad because added Garcia in and new zones new play types but after that 2  - 3 year period your right kind of tailed off.  Last decent lore update was the Artella quests which kind of died in the 100 range.... I mean even if you get 110 what lore is there?  They added Faurfion but removed the other dragons?  Most people do not know understand there are 6 dragons in total (light and dark also) there whole story behind it that kind of ummm disappeared?

  15. Now that I see what the next major update we are getting is about here is what not being addressed:

    1.  Price of NC Store in this territory is way overpriced and packs are way outdated.  IE this jewel event was a bust its the same event you been doing for years and most people are still stuck with lower end jewels because of this issue.  What your selling for $200.00 was going for 1/10th price on other servers.  Presitage pack is way past needing an upgrade.  Soul bottle fragments for boss jewels we cannot even farm anymore really?

    2. While we are on the topic no raid bosses that can be farmed reguarly by normal players average 105 - 111/112 players without the top end gear.  There is no nothing to do from 105 - 111/112 but mindlessly grind and not worth getting prestige packs or destiny packs for those levels with no event.

    3.  You removed most hunting zones, party xp, factions, territory wars, artella quest line is pretty much dead, most world raid bosses are gone, all field raid bosses under 120 are gone, no manor system, no crafting system, no drops, no update in the lore the game, no catacombs/necros, no seven signs quests, no spoils.

    4.  Upgrading classes but nerfing others seems all the next update is about.  Adding clan missions for more new skills, how about you put clans back the way they were first because it was hard enough to get clan rep when you have 160 members now we we have 100 less its almost impossible.  Mentee quest should be added back and make a real crafting system.

    5.  It doesn't matter because it seems you guys have kind of washed your hands of this game and have it on auto pilot 90% of the time.  You just trying to squeeze out whatever juice is left in the game before it closes out.


    None of these are being addressed in next big update so it kind of pointless to keep talking.

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