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  1.  guys this server is just a last attempt to take money from an antiquity, behind nc soft there are no passion, no nostalgy, they are rushing this trash server to make money without put even one euros to hire live game gm or something.

    They never listened their customer, because maybe 100/150 poor rich guys  who doesnt understand the game but who put thousand euros/month to have the feeling they have a big gun, feeling they cant have in real life.

    To resume their only goal is to take those rich man money, they dont give a shit about us, just play for your fun without pay or leave this server 100% noob, both player/gm :P

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  2. Yes and you put 1000 euros a month for chinese/nc soft xp buff to feel yourself good, we know the story but we dont there to talk about Our own story, actually its not interesting.

    I would like to have some people with a mind and some idea, to share with us, if any troll still there plz stay in your cavern 

  3. 1 : im not there to be polite toward a compagny who doesnt do his work and who acting like politician.

    2 : you dont like my talking way just move

    3 : im vip 4, i paid for something coherent, "classic" mean old lineage 2 way, so its my right to be not satisfied

    4 : im bored to see sheep like you who pay but never do anything to get things going

  4. Thx nc soft for this real classic hardcore experience.......

    Actually its harder to level up on world of warcraft than L2 in giran server 

    With some xp buff and crazy party dps some people can take 80/90kk xp on ONE raid boss who is approximatly 10% of lvl 71..... and you dare to call this shitty server "classic"...? 

    As usual its adena seller who are taking advantage of this situation people will rush lvl 85 in 3 month....

    Nc soft can i ask you why everything you are tryng to do is just bad....? Are you just stupid or its like a challenge for your compagny?


  5. Guys even when i sended 5 min video with 100% proof of bot behavior they did nothing, the only thing to thinks is they have something to do with bot, adena sellers, and all cheat in this game.

    Lineage 2 classic is the most corrupted game ever made, do you realize the only contact we can have with nc soft companie is a poor "GM" who is writting one message a week and who are talking like a bot, using always the same words like "maybe, "we are working on a solution", "our team is working on it", this game is just rotten on every stage. 

  6. Iam really sorry to say that, but you are lying openly to us hime, i have replay of many bot in game, i submited 1 week ago a replay of the most obvious bot case i have seen, in this replay we can see me click on bot target during 5 minutes, he changed his target during the whole video and run between mob i target without attack them, and guess what...?he is still in game i saw them today stop to lie,  you juste have your plan about how you want to make money on our back no more ;)

    Guys just thinks about that..... they dont put any gm in game....they dobt have any will to struggle againt bot, they just want to make money on us as fast as possible, personnaly i will stop to provide them with my replay who are asking time for nothing.

  7. Situation on giran server is totaly ridicoulous,no one is going to make xp on mob because they dont give enough xp,adena,drop, the whole server is leeching behind few clan even with 300 people and more on RB you do more xp this way than normal way to make xp.

    Actually full party in lvl 70+ catacomb =15/20k xp if vip4 and rune 50%......guys cant you put bonus xp system in game for full party? 

    Your game is getting more and more boring, and you are unable to react its like you were blind. 

    "Lineage 2 classic"  before last october it was 14 years ago i didnt play lineage 2 and believe me that game have nothing to see with with i knew.

    I dont even talk about bot, with no gm in game, nc soft who doesnt give a shit about......

    But the first rank are for useless player who are daily complaning but never made a report with replay to submit it to nc soft support.... guys if you are lazy and cant move your ass to do something easy stop to open your mouth and complain about nc soft


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