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  1. dude, with amount of bots on server, the prices will fall even further and only if you run 20-30 bots you will be able to manipulate servers economy until then-go try
  2. are you reading or you just see what you want to see? i said adena rates not drop rates, adena drop rates, spoil rates. Never too late to change. Move on
  3. Do ya all think 25% permanent adena increase rate will make game less tedious and more fun? Please like this post so devs could see!!!
  4. theres many spots 20+ without bots... just upped my wiz from 24-27 in 2 days no prob and with adena boost just feels like cherry on top of the cake you just need to learn to play and use l2 classic wiki and search for mobs to farm
  5. Maybe after the boost week ends make adena drop 25% permanent??? i think it will be enough to make people less mad about rates if not happy!Please consider that!
  6. good luck then lmao. all false info and there barely 3-4 parties whenever i was watching it. you go from level 1-15 in 2 hours or so, no parties at lower level. go look for yourself and find out that there is no l2 server that is not p2w and with proper classic rates and not dead. classic club is pretty much dead. even with players coming from classic servers the gain of 300 ppl wont do much there
  7. dont even bother. servers store spot(giran harbor) is full of shops from same one guild. out of maybe 100 shops there probably 60 are from same guild and prob same person. its pretty much dead. only hardcore players and those who spend lots of money in it still playing which is little less then 1000 players including shops
  8. lol no thanks...smh PS it wouldnt be called f2p then. "kind of like wow"...
  9. i spent 15$ for 2 years when wow was a great game BUT because i knew its not gonna die and it wont be pay to win or some shit. HERE i dont know a thing about future of lineage 2. its only a month out. im not wiling to pay a damn dime at the moment. And making some people get ahead because they get VIP AT THE START of the server is a bad decision. makes imbalance. people who spent on vip's getting in partys and leveling non stop getting more drop and adena thus making them grow way faster and stronger, and here comes the ironical pay 2 win system. at the end. top clan with highest levels will b
  10. you make no sense. you basically asking for pay2win server. makes too easy for all free to play players so you asking to f2p ppl will get less stuff so you can progress more and faster then f2p...it is a bad idea to split people with their drop and adena. instead VIP should get scrolls for exp and some bonus soulshots i would say every week PS VIP already have increased chance of dropping items. thats enough i would say
  11. lets say rates are x1. where you want it to be for VIP's at?
  12. i have easy solution for you. google>illegal servers>join any server you like and dump your money do be ahead of everybody else. Enjoy
  13. do you have relieve now after so many posts and test you have been trough?)
  14. and make free transfer for free players psooble! plus possible adena fix is to reduce soulshots costs by maybe half. easy solution imo
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