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  1. Client crash trigger

    You probably mean the assassin appearance exploit people actually used in pvp/siege/combat, if this can be forced then you can be sure it will once again be used and NCWest will do nothing to punish the exploiters. Even worse this issue might again remain for months like the other one has so people can abuse it in towns and open field to once again make 2+ months not worth to login or bother with the game at all due to build up frustration from crash after crash.
  2. Hero chat

    2 things need to be possible to be turned off. Disable toggle for the social action when near a "ranked" character. Disable hero chat. I do not want to read their crap and be turned away from this game even more then i already have been and i certainly do not want to pay them any kind of "forced respect" trough social actions when the same people are the ones who can't be bothered to have any "manner" within the game. Both these things are very detrimental to the entire game and makes me want to vomit!
  3. Limited Krishna can't be exchanged??

    How about this: - Nova abusing Assassin appearance when it had a bug that it crashed the L2 client, on 2 different sieges winning a castle fight they could otherwise not have won *no action was taken vs the offender(s) and from my knowledge no other clan even abused this but this very same character was left in Aden town for the rest of that time solely with the intention to crash people. - Nova internally knowing about a glitch with the skill learning process and even though not all used it quite a few did to learn "subtle" passive skills from other classes to get a unfair advantage *granted other clans abused it also but not nearly as much as nova members did. - at least 2 different nova members who kept 999 bil adena (when that was the cap) from the lottery exploit *this money remained in economy one nova member even bragged about it in worldshout at that time after NCSoft supposedly fixed/removed all ill gotten gains. - Nova running a 98 character train to port in pre-fafurion update lilith/anakim before KSK/africa time to farm gear for 3 "main" people *granted again not all did it and FS did this too but again the gains were not taken away as the offenders kept pushing the evidence in everyone else their face. - How do you explain a GM appearing, making a lol comment about certain player in gainak using a botting tool and then the player was just left to continue with just a verbal warning due to GM presence while any other player would have been instantly banned on the spot. There are many more things Nova / Renovatio did but this is the stuff that stands out the most, granted it never was the entirety of Nova but due to inaction of "Management" here it left many people wondering about this particular fact. This is why these things are said, not some unfounded "just because they were top clan at that time". Also GM's doing "extra's" for certain players or group of players isn't a new thing in the MMO world either, many other games suffered the exact same thing and Lineage II certainly isn't invulnerable to GM's doing things they are not supposed to.
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Does that mean all the rewards or just the level 1 brooch jewel items? I am pretty sure those are the target since you can't exchange the other rewards. Will there be high level content (like level 105+) somewhere down the line that will allow us to at least make a basic level 1 of these brooch jewels and possibly other "start" items otherwise not available?