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  1. Unlike in Live, my character can't keep the MP bar up at all, especially when hunting in fields with lots of people around. Is that how this game was meant to be played? Or will mana pots or herbs be introduced into the game at some point?
  2. The funny part is that we are already seeing armies of bots. Those little bastards don't play by the rules. 3rd party programs ftw.
  3. "From top to bottom" would imply that no parties would be required at all. But I guess you can't see the flaw in your own logic. I get it. Thanks for the constructive reply.
  4. If this was meant to be a purely 100% solo game, why then did they bother to include the party feature at all? I'm all for the every person for themselves approach, but do follow the logic all the way through every aspect of the game. And yes, that also includes removing clans, when you think about it. Ridiculous? Maybe. But my point is the OP isn't terribly off base with what is being proposed. The reality is partying isn't just about XP. It's about finishing a task faster by working in a group. And it's about forming ties and developing comradery. Adding a party leader assist feat
  5. Is it normal to make it to level 58 without getting a single item (weapon, armor, accessory) drop and only getting 3 - 6 adena per mob kill? At this rate I'll be level 70 and still not able to afford D grade items. What am I missing?
  6. I have not seen a single Greedy Chest since they were introduced. Not one. If the reason for that is because there are players cheating to gain an advantage, then we're better off pulling the plug on the whole thing. In short, I'd rather have NCSoft screw us over than greedy, cheating players. At least when NCSoft does it, I can hit them back where it counts. But you can't take adena from a cheating player who is making billions by hording items and opportunities intended for everyone to enjoy.
  7. After waiting for a queue with more than 300 people ahead of me, I log in to a server that is completely overrun. There's nowhere to hunt without tripping over someone. There are more people than mobs. Please consider opening a new server. Or maybe opening up more hunting grounds, including catacombs. At least when we had both fields and catas people had more hunting options. You could always find a spot to hunt for the most part. If adding mobs or hunting grounds isn't an option, is there some way to reduce the number of people who log 100+ accounts? Ok, I'm exaggerating -- maybe i
  8. The queue was 353 when I logged in just now. Guess I'll go grab lunch and come back.
  9. I DC 9 times after logging in, being in for only a seconds then DC. I didn't have any problems like this before today. Come on, man, please fix this.
  10. What the hell is going on around here? I logged on and 2 seconds later I get D/C. It has happened 8 times so far and counting. I did a full scan twice already. Please fix this. @Hime
  11. This same question was asked last week. Hime replied. When is the next Red Libra event? - General Live Discussion - Forums (lineage2.com)
  12. The correct response is, "Not enough."
  13. Not that many people play Duelist, as you can tell. Better off asking in game. Go to Rankings, drill down by class and PM one of the guys in the top 25. Some may brush you off, but most ppl in the game are helpful -- if only to brag about all of the sparkly items they have. Good luck.
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