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  1. This is why quests are valuable to the game. Quests with actual rewards and great back stories like the good old days. Not talking about lame Exalted quests that only get you to the mid-level of mediocrity. We have none of that now. Not sure what the point of playing is right now. Or is bleeding eyes a goal?
  2. Old users comming back need some help.

    I bet when they updated they coded it in a way to show that all of the characters already received it. Nothing surprises me any more with this game. It's too bad. Up to you how to proceed next. You can either buy temp R99 weapon and armor from NCStore, or use those Ncoins instead to do RMT Light and buy stuff in shop to sell to other players. I don't recommend selling ncoin. Trust no one in this game.
  3. Haunted Chest Horrible Scam

    Fix? No, this is working as intended. Sorry for those of you who haven't realized that after all of these years. Some events will be good with "better than usual" drop rates, but others will be the usual -- and by usual, mean horrible, terrible, and meant to grift you out of your money.
  4. advice on gear i just brought

    Bladedancer is an ISS. They deal less damage than a Tyr, generally speaking, unless you have trillions in adena and can kit them properly. But if you could do that, you wouldn't be complaining about your Tyr. +7 R99 duals are kind of a waste of money, unless they're Bloody and 300 element. The Exalted duals are just as good. +6 R110 is only good if Enchanted status and you have 450 attribute. But here you want at least Bloody too. That's probably way out of your price range. I probably would have gone with Enhanced Shadow Dualswords. What you want are weapons that give you as many boosts as possible and include some type of PVE damage boost. Enhanced Shadow duals also boost other areas that help you stay alive longer, like HP, and kill faster. They don't have to be the top weapons for PVE. Instead of Heavy, you should use Eternal Light. Better stats all around for faster killing. The p.def you get with Heavy isn't the difference maker you think it is at this level. Remember, at this level your goal isn't to take hits. It's to kill fast. Weapon and armor aren't everything. There are other ways to tweak your character. The easiest one is to join a Level 6 or higher clan. Those clans all give little stat boosts whenever their leader or officers are logged in the game. If you click on another character you can actually see what boosts they're getting from their clan advent.
  5. Terms like "average" and "high" are always relative and deliberately ambiguous. "High" in relation to what? Specific % should be used always. Otherwise, don't trust NCSoft. Ever. "High" means low. "Average" means low.
  6. Exp

    Be glad that you at least made it to 110. I know players that are a few levels below that even after the extended XP event. In 2021 you'll catch up to the other guys. 2021.
  7. The last option is on the table for sure.
  8. Ok, but does it shut up the heroes? Maybe after the first 20 shouts are used up, heroes get charged 1B per letter for every shout after that. Or charge them 250,000,000 soul and spirit stones per letter, because God knows, all of the crap they spew drains my spirit and my soul.
  9. List of available quests? Anywhere?

    Most quests were deleted. Once you hit 99, it's exalted crap. For the last one you need to kill 160,000 mobs and reach level 110. I wouldn't bother with doing anything else.
  10. Silly question about dragon weapon

    You can??? I remember trying once during last update with Dragon augment stone and it wouldn't let me. I'll buy one and try again. If so, DW fragments are now in play. A bow fragment with 20% - 30% p. skill crit damage is still better than exalted for some archers if the rest of their equipment is good. Or a tank with a DW fragment with a +++ % Health augment with also the Shilen augment is also better than an enchanted exalted cutter.
  11. Best group combo with leveling groups?

    Right, but again, Sly was only talking about Duelist and Evis. I suggested Titan over Duelist, with Evis being the other default. That said, Evis are getting nerfed soon, aren't they? And isn't it easier to get a really good slasher for cheap as opposed to fists? Or if he's more of an elite player, even easier to get a DW slasher than DW fists?
  12. Old users comming back need some help.

    Correct, anyone who awakened as a mentee received certificates which you used for bound Immortal armors, Requiem weapons, shots, jewelry, etc. I still have that stuff in some of my characters' WHs. Also, not too many updates back it was possible for players to go to TI, talk to Raina (sp?) and receive Twilight and Apoc gear whenever you changed your dual/subclass. I did that multiple times and some of my characters have every Twilight armor type and every Apoc weapon type for the various classes. Not the greatest, but in a pinch they get the job done. I don't know why they changed this feature without at least replacing it with the Paulina R grade boxes. As someone said, the best ppl can do now is submit a request to NCSupport and see if they'll help them out.
  13. FIX MELEE LAG ONCE FOR ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not really. All classes get the so called melee lag, it's just that you don't notice it as much with archers because of they hunt with skills 99.9% of the time.
  14. Best group combo with leveling groups?

    Agree with Sly mostly, but I would pick Titan over Duelist. Duelist only shine at higher levels and if you have above average gear. Titan shines right away at every level. If both Duel and Titan have same gear and weapons are about same level for each class, Titan is better.
  15. Wynns worst class?

    We can only imagine it, because most people have given up on Wynn. I think the highest level Wynn (main class, not dual class) is 114, but most are 108 or lower. After a major XP event like this one, that is shocking.