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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Why are the L2 Black Friday sales so crappy? Why don't they put the bracelets and enchants in store? Put all event items in packages. Those would sell.
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    They just need to bring this event back again in January or something, slightly tweaked for class. That way healers and other non-DD types can have fun, too. And plus, not many people in my clan had time to do the instance that much and didn't get +3 or higher on the bracelet. We're an older working clan, so logging everyday for more than 30-45 minutes is tough. But if this event is offered enough times they can get it.
  3. Lack of players killing the market

    I played Classic for a minute before that feeling that I'd already climbed this mountain before sank in. Sorry, came back to Live. The only problem with the market is for sellers. But if you're already rich and looking to buy, there are lots of deals. I love it. I hope everyone stays away.
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    I'm late to the party and probably won't earn enough coins between now and the end to get a bracelet, let alone the enchants. Oh well, next time...if I'm still here.
  5. Lineage II - July Preview

    Nah, they don't listen. I mean how many times did we tell them that we'd gladly pay BIG BUCKS (USD) for a main class change service only to be ignored? That ticked me off so much that I dumped all of my extra characters across 8 accounts. The good news is that selling all of the equipment and emptying WHs netted enough adena to properly build a new main. In the long run it costs them in terms of lost revenues, though. Had they given us a main class change service, I'd probably still have most of those accounts actively participating in store promotions and similar "events", instead of just 1.
  6. Ruler's Ring of Authority Stack?

    Thanks for the replies. I did not know about the Olympiad rings. I'm suddenly regretting not converting my mostly dormant 103 summoner into an archer last week.
  7. Ruler's Ring of Authority Stack?

    I saw the answer to this somewhere, but I forget where, so I'll ask again. Does Ruler's Ring of Authority stack with...? 1. Ring of Authority 2. Ring of Truth 3. Ring of Truth-Seeker 4. Ring of Creation
  8. Support Ticket need help

    Best answer. And let's lock it.
  9. No L2 Store Promotions?

    I read somewhere that we may not get that until September. That's a long ways away. (I know it's only a couple of months, but still....)
  10. No L2 Store Promotions?

    Seriously, give us a flash sale or something. I can't PVP my wallet and financial advisors if you don't let me.
  11. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Earth wyrm rings are so cheap now that you might as well get one anway.
  12. Exactly, the system is rigged. I tried using a few of the 30% enchant success stones, but all failed, and on a character that has 67 LUC. That just tells you that the normal enchant rates have been altered. I don't know this for a fact, but it just feels like it.
  13. Items removed on the next update

    Well, well, well...what fresh new hell is this???
  14. Tyrr Doombringer or Eviscerator

    He has another character that he uses for PVP.
  15. Losing subclass skills on ertheia characters

    Except Ertheia are so powerful that they don't need the additional subclass skills. You're saving time and/or money by not having to pursue those sub skills.
  16. Tyrr Doombringer or Eviscerator

    I know a Tyrr Titan who, if all of the passive boosts and buffs kick in at the right time with his other equipment boosts and pots, can reach just over 500,000 in p.atk for a few seconds without SOS at level 101. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, good night!
  17. Lineage II - July Preview

    Well, in some ways we already have that. Most average players aren't going to compete with some of these players who have all of the best equipment. Full dragon weapons will just ensure that anyone who thought they had a chance will be officially on notice: they don't. There is no fix for that. Well, there is one, but L2 won't go there. That would be to make PVP dependent on levels and native skill, not weapons, armor, or other boosts. All PVP is done in an instance where everything except for levels and skills learned are completely negated. That +23 Dark Bow has as much effect as a +3 Dark Bow on same level character all other things being equal. And no other buffs of any kind other than the normal class buffs allowed. But what kind of crap game would this be if they did that? My problem with the cloaks is that we just had that promotion not too long ago and there's no compensation for those of us who got our desired cloaks to the desired level already despite the difficulties. If you're going to give second chances, then please give me back my +24 retributor that I broke so that I can have another try enchanting it now that my character has far more LUC and purple enchant coupons than it did then. Heck yeah, let's make it an event!!! L2 Forgiveness Day Event. Each player not participating in cloak promo gets to submit a support ticket that allows you another chance at fixing something that's screwed up...because we all know the OE thing is rigged anyway against mage weapons.
  18. Changing main class/switch vs dual??

    This topic comes up about a thousand times every update. No, they're not going to offer anything that would permit you to change your main. No, they aren't going to offer anything that will let you swap out all of your non-tradeable gear and quest items from your main to a new character. No, they aren't going to allow us to swap our dual class for our main. No, at this point, they won't offer an effective service that allows us to split one dual-classed character into two characters with all of the non-tradeable equipment and items going to the dual class...thus effectively allowing everyone to have a new main. No, they won't even establish a service that deletes all of a player's class change quests and delevels it so that you can start afresh. No. No. No. But I'm hoping that one day they will say yes. It will be too late for me, as I've re-rolled already, but maybe it will help future players feel better about their choices and options?
  19. More Flash Sales Please!!!

    Seriously, it will take me ten years at the rate we're going to get my new character properly equipped. You must have more L2Day and Galleria sales of items that only usually drop during events. And don't stop there. There are tons of items that should be in game that aren't, and other items that are so rare because you offered them during crappy events with horrible odds of winning (Ahem, like the current "event", ahem!!). Well, put those up for sale, too, in nice, neat Abundance package-type offerings. PVP may be the reason why we play, but outfitting our characters is what really drives this game. Get off your butts and start pushing product!
  20. Red Libra

    Give me Red Libra or give me death!!!
  21. Red Libra

    "A little ways" = "Soon" = not this month, or next month, or the one after that, or the one after that, or the one after that.....
  22. I think you should have Red Libra going on at the same time as this event. Maybe that would make everyone a little happier? It doesn't have to be anything special. Use the last version of Red Libra.
  23. Well said. I was expecting an event that didn't involve the L2Store or my credit card, but one that also made us hunt/kill stuff...in short, something fun. This event is like watching rain fall from your window sill. Is the sun out yet? Is the sun out yet? Is the sun out yet?!!! No. Ok, back inside to do nothing interesting.
  24. If it is that event, it will only be fun if the +10 Helios weapon is permanent. Sadly, I don't need any of the other prize items. Did someone mention Dragon weapons, shirts, etc.? Yeah, why not add those to this event? That way everyone has a "fair" chance to get them. Unlike the paid events.
  25. What a clever ruse to get people to buy the upgraded Prestige Packs with the supposedly better drop rune. I'm on to you NCSoft.