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  1. FIX MELEE LAG ONCE FOR ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not really. All classes get the so called melee lag, it's just that you don't notice it as much with archers because of they hunt with skills 99.9% of the time.
  2. Best group combo with leveling groups?

    Agree with Sly mostly, but I would pick Titan over Duelist. Duelist only shine at higher levels and if you have above average gear. Titan shines right away at every level. If both Duel and Titan have same gear and weapons are about same level for each class, Titan is better.
  3. Wynns worst class?

    We can only imagine it, because most people have given up on Wynn. I think the highest level Wynn (main class, not dual class) is 114, but most are 108 or lower. After a major XP event like this one, that is shocking.
  4. 100% damage to dragons from DW

    They should change the bonus to apply to all monsters.
  5. Wynns worst class?

    I tried playing my 106 Wynn. It's just not worth the trouble. Good luck to those who keep playing the class.
  6. Silly question about dragon weapon

    A Dragon Fragment has higher P.atk and M.Atk than a normal weapon. But you cannot assign an element attribute, you cannot augment it, you cannot give it any SA or a soul crystal of any kind. Of course, it cannot be enchanted. The fragments can be upgraded to full Dragon Weapons, but it is VERY VERY VERY expensive to do that. Trillions of adena expensive. A full Dragon Weapon (Standard) is what the Dragon Fragment becomes after you upgrade it once. It has element attribute around 500, has built in SA bonus, can be given a special soul crystal, and generally speaking is superior to even the most highest over-enchanted Limited R110 weapon. Having said that, for what it costs to make a DW Standard you can attempt to OE dozens of R110 weapons to +25 or higher. As suggested, a Dragon Weapon Standard can be further upgraded to higher level stages, all with increased SA bonuses. You have to be rich, lucky, or willing to scam your clan mates for dragon claws in order to make a Stage 2 or higher.
  7. Denton Purple vs Jack O'Lantern bug

    Just rub some Golden Balls on it. That will make you feel better.
  8. Mutated Orc Raid: Can Zariche and Akamanah Play Too?

    Not necessarily. It's one raid a day and the enchants aren't 100%. You can fail, which means it could take some more than 5x. The only thing this raid really accomplishes for most people is using up all of their soulshots.
  9. Main class change

    17th anniversary as in 2021? Wish I could say I'll be here for that.
  10. Main class change

    @Juji @Hime Is this for Korea only, or will NCWest get this feature, too? And that's October 28, 2020, not 2021 or 2025????
  11. Mutated Orc Raid: Can Zariche and Akamanah Play Too?

    Really not all that great a raid, if you think about it. Only one person wins. Everyone else gets enchant scrolls for Angel of Protection (AoP), but AoP is temporary. It's gone when the event ends. By the time most people who don't play 24 hours a day get the AoP to +10 the "event" will be almost over.
  12. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    Looks like he got multiple arrows hitting him before that last arrow crit. Everyone dies to arrow crits.
  13. Is this a typo??

    Not a typo. It's always been that way. Don't worry, Shunaiman weapons don't make anyone elite in PVP. Not when most elite people have Stage 2 Dragons and +30 Limited. Sure, the occasional red might get their hands on one, but their advantage is levels, not weapon. That's why they prey on ppl lower lvl than them.
  14. Dragon Weapon Exchange?

    Any future plans for Dragon Weapon exchange in Red Libra? If not 1-for-1 same level exchange, what about making it possible to deconstruct a Dragon Weapon, returning to its basic components for a fee through an NPC? In that scenario the player would get all of the Dragon fragment, claws and all mats back. I ask because I see several Dragon Weapons in AH now. They would sell faster if people could exchange them or use their parts to make different type of Dragon Weapons.
  15. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    With Evis at least you can dual class Tyr GK and not have to worry about changing weapon and equipment. Evis is meant to deal crazy damage in high burst skill attacks, while GK were originally designed to deal damage by virtue of speed and power. Tyr Titan were meant to deal massive damage via strength (p.atk) and power, while also being able to take a hit with unique buffs that boost patk and pdef more than the GK or Evi iirc. If you played Tyr Doombringer before, just think of Tyr Titan as the big brother you run and get when nine guys beat you up and you want total revenge. Can't say which is better now because haven't all played all classes since update. Tyr Maestro and Dreadnought are getting lots of love also. In terms of playstyle, GK and Titan are my favorites, but all of them (except Dread) are basically interchangeable if you get the right gear and set up a decent macro. I set Dread apart, because that's the one class where I think a player needs to be more actively engaged in order to maximize XP.
  16. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    Do tell?
  17. Weapon R110

    Yes, it's safe. The "broke" part happens when you go see how much it costs to turn it from a normal R110 Weapon into an Enchanted then Bloody or Dark then Limited Weapon. If you have any money left over after that, better check your lease and fridge. You may have forgotten to pay rent and buy groceries.
  18. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    Never going to happen.
  19. Tales Untold Content Update Discussion (Live)

    Oh my God so much this! We always hear about the better events, better drops, better overall boosts, better everything that makes their gaming experience 1000% better than ours and helps Korea's playerbase advance up the levels more quickly. We get crap, poor drop rates in events, low adena, ridiculous hunting nerfs from number of mobs to difficulty in killing them, terrible enchant rates in events DESIGNED for enchanting stuff, and so on and so on. No wonder our average level is so much lower.
  20. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    @Juji @Hime Guys, seriously, I need this now more than ever. Please, please, please schedule Red Libra for this Wednesday. August, not September or whatever.
  21. Dying, while impossible to die

    But auto attack ("Auto Next Target") is the macro that I'm referring to. No separate macro or skills needed. My hunch is that stopped working and your character was standing there taking damage, not doing anything. Can you really leave your character for 10-20 minutes, or however long it takes for you to use the bathroom, and not take any damage at all? If so, you're probably hunting in too low an area anyway. Either way, I would submit a support ticket right away. Especially if it happens again..
  22. Dying, while impossible to die

    Your macro stopped running. That's why you died. It happened to me. One minute you're killing everything that moves, but then inexplicably the system hiccups and your toon just stands there not doing anything even though your macro is still green lighted. If that lasts for longer than 15 seconds and you're fighting 8 -10 mobs, you usually die if your heal pots are off. Check your damage log and you won't see anyone PK you, it was just the mobs and they didn't hit you with any crits or other special damage, just normal attacks.
  23. Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Live)

    Easy solution -- More mobs, better XP (by 1000%) for what is now considered "low level", more adena (by 10000000%) so we can actually afford weapon/armor/accessory upgrades, and Red Libra so that I can change out of this crappy class that takes forever to kill anything now that all mobs have 5000 Attribute defense. Can you give me that at least? XP is way too low now for 105 - 113. Even with Prestige Pack and 200% rune I barely see my XP bar move. I'm a long time player so I'm used to slow grind, but if you are already rolling out content for level 120+, how the hell do you expect any of us to get there in a reasonable amount of time if it literally takes weeks and months just to go from 108 to 109?
  24. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    Think you got your answer. Tomorrow update, but no Red Libra. We get Letter event for 2 weeks I think.