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  1. I thought the frozen canyon collections will be removed on 12/8 as the news article stated, why are they already gone from the game? @Juji @Hime Event Collection Players can complete an event collection with Frost Crystals during the event period. Collection Name Requirements Collection Effect Deletion Date Collection Effect Cold Feet 100 Frost Crystals
  2. "Beacon of Blue Sky" - for some reason this one has been left in my mind from while, brings back old memories, cool boss really like the look of it.
  3. I didnt know until today what virtual machine is, either way i dont know what your intentions are and if you are legit player, being affected by the changes i genuinely feel bad for you and i hope fix is coming soon, i have friends having issues as well. For me everything works perfect, just as it was before update. BUT... if u are using it for the purposes @Amedeo pointed out in the other topic, to overcome the 10 client limit and login more chars than what is allowed, then this update has done a good job, yes the bot infestation in the servers is big and so it the RMT, but overcoming th
  4. I totally agree with what is being said here, leveling this bracelet takes a lot of dedication and time, back when the server opened and the year after (2018-2019), there wasnt many talismans to equip and therefore this talisman was ok as it was. Now this has to change, just as how the server changed as it became older, there is so many different options to equip and being limited to just 4 slots, when you level it up all the way to lv6 its not enough. To put things into perspective, fully developed lv6 bracelet requires 6000 clan coins, from the level 4 clan supplies everyday you ge
  5. There is no appeal to it, as you mentioned the hype at the beginning was big, there was thousands of players everyday, they even had to open two more extra servers because of it, of which last year both had to be closed due to how empty they were. After time (the first 5-6 months), they started going heavy into p2w events one or two every month, many people lost interest playing, slowly and slowly now its 2 and a half years later, the last few people left playing are the ones that have invested too much time or money into it to quit, we can say both actually to be fair. The p2w its not th
  6. I agree with everything else said in this topic, this is beyond acceptable, then again things like this have happened before, nothing new under the hood. If things carry on to work the same way as now, i am sad to say the servers will continue to have declining player base, just as for the past 2+ years. Fix it while it is, otherwise nothing good comes next for us the players (customers) and you for that matter.
  7. Don't forget next week the event ends and when that happens the XP will go down by a lot, personally i gain XP about x3 quicker, so those 35 days look more like 100+ days, yes leveling after 80 becomes hard if you don't have access to loa/dv, but you have signed up for it willingly! As @Ingwaz said, elemental zones are the best for XP farm at your level and can be up until 84.
  8. You should feel scammed, because you did get scammed, just the water pendant alone goes in the range between 65-75kk (its a rare item) in my personal opinion, crafting the duals would cost about 35kk. You mentioned you added BW light set + Lacerator to the trade too, summed up you probably triple over payed in total. Technically this is not scam, you just played yourself with not knowing prices of the items you poses.
  9. Those and many others recs are unobtainable anymore, due to the fact they were dropping in the old Dragon's Valley hunting zone, but because that zone got completely changed (for high lvl end players) mobs no longer exist. I did contact support regarding that issue and their response was, that i should create topic on the forums to see if enough people actually care about that problem aka get any traction. Definitely didnt expect that answer, as its essential part of the game itself i thought they will get it fixed asap (by making mobs in similar lvl hunting zones to drop them instea
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