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  1. Just quit guys... Leave this "1%" play alone and have their 20k dollars in items become 20 bucks! I totally agree with Neohat and Znipo!
  2. @Juji U removed one of the level 1 jewels. The quest line still gives 3 (1 emerald, 1 diamond and 1 pearl). Take a look at the following quests: "Control of Power" and "Take Up Arms".
  3. Bots are also doing the adventure's quest in order to receive la vie en rose jewels level 1. Then, they use grinder and exchange to powder and sell it. @Juji @Hime Can you do something about this?
  4. I can easily kill gc lower and superion... but yeah scaling is horrible.... PVP wise = servitors have no dmg at all... AOE skills are ridiculous. NCsoft should rework this class imo.
  5. The Fallen is a PVE clan too. Whole Sunshine ally, Crows and OJS too.
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