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  1. Atm we have 2 cp's and looking for 1 mage CP's ~60+. We are active, mature players, our prime time is around ~19-23/24 server time. Daily rbs, epics in future sieges, oly other top content. For more information contact here or: Discord: SplichO#3211, Wisp#8675 In-game: Splicho, Wi5p
  2. As the title says, we are missing only active EE +59 Daily rbs, epics, pvp, etc. For more info: PM here IG: "Wi5p Discord: wisp#8675
  3. As title says, we are missing only active tank. We are around ~60lvl. Daily rbs, pvp, etc. For more info: PM here IG: "Wi5p "iPWR Discord: wisp#8675
  4. As the title says LF CP which prime time is GTM0 - GTM+2. Contact here or pm ig "Berry
  5. Teleport fees are now for x1 rates and we have way lower rates, so rates should be scaled down accordingly. What do you think?
  6. 10+ hours without mods

    @ragingducks Dude it's free to play
  7. I know Gludio server had like 30% xp/sp boost for a week. @Hime @Juji is it possible to give ADENA, DROP, SPOIL boost to all servers, while we are waiting for a fix? It's been more than a month with barely any progress regarding this problem and many people are struggling to progress as they are going to minus while farming and more and more of them just leave servers.
  8. ADENA, DROP, SPOIL rate needs a fix, nothing to add more here!
  9. @Hime please REVIEW THE ADENA RATE. I went to outlaw forest and 50+ zone drops 150-250 adena, this is VERY BAD. Most people have a problem with leveling as they barely can afford shots or even going to minus.
  10. As the title says non-slave mentality CP is looking for BP/BD/SWS/EE/ARCHER +45. Primetime around 18-23 GMT+1. We will play under 3lvl clan and big alliance. Clan with ~11xp/top boxes Daily raids/wars Mature players with a sense of humor. Drop a message here or pm in game "impu "Berry. We play much but real life is a priority.
  11. Hi, As the title says I am looking for a mature, fun, active clan/cp, atm 41 lvl PR, can catch up easily if higher lvl archer is needed. Playtime: GMT+2 usually around ~18/19-~23:30, sat-sun more if nothing planned IRL. Can use discord, ts, etc. Pm here or in-game "impu