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  1. Hello and goodbye. I love this game but literally it went to hell with the paytowin time to go to EU. Greetings. Apex Legends is also a good option. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola y adios. Amo este juego pero literal se fue a la mierda con el paytowin hora de ir al EU. Saludos. Apex Legends también es buena opción.
  2. Greetings to the community Use a single pc to use 6 accounts = Use 2 pc and use 3 accounts "6" Somebody banned him for doing something like that or there's no problem. I prefer to use only one pc with 6 accounts. And what about the cyber coffee? 20 pc playing lineage 2 classic same ip Greetings.
  3. Is cursed maingauche bleed working? ins this version classic ?
  4. Quería saber la hora de asedios o cuando se de por que veo que el horario del server es muy distinto a cada país. Alguien tiene idea? Por que me gustaria que fuera en la tarde medio 7 u 8pm hora Perú. Saludos. I wanted to know the time of sieges or when I know why I see that the server's schedule is very different to each country. Does anyone have an idea? Why would I like it to be in the middle afternoon 7 or 8pm Peru time. Regards.
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