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  1. This is sight what I never belived, I would actually see
  2. That would be too much, sometimes im killed by bugged archer or mage monster that is standing on top of roof or stone, and I cant get it ... I would be really mad if I would lost my weapon becouse of that reason ...
  3. Well Im happy to hear that. But I still would recommend you guys to put one or two live GM character's on every server atleast for 2-5 hours a day, to silently look around and check random zones, check out random people still in invisible mode. And use that GM to report to headquaters what is actually going on... And please, atleast let that GM be a player not a monkey that never played L2
  4. So bassicaly, you just fast repair something that affects your real money income, and than you turn back your previous changes, just becouse your forum servers cant hold on that spam... But bassicaly doing something new on server thats too much for you guys there right?
  5. Hello, my name is Andrew and I play as dark elf tank with nick name ZhangYang. I rarely post something on the forum, I just prefer to come here and read what is new, or what are other players dealing with. For past few day's im closely reading every post about server and how players are angry. True is that mostly they are right. So here is a reason why im writing and creating this post. Im speaking for majority of players, dear NCSoft, Forum moderators @Hime and others. Im kindly asking you, please give us some informations, please tell us what is going on. Are u planing on any changes? Are u investigating problems? Do you actually read our complains? Do you actually have someone in your team who PLAY THE GAME ON CLASSIC SERVERS? Thank you for any information, your long time player Zhang Yang
  6. suggestion

    It's true that they should add something like ACTIVITY CHECK every 5 hour's or so... and If you do not respond, game will kick you out. Or atleast enable OFFLINE SHOP'S
  7. Hello GM - Team. Im really happy that you are trying your best with work on this server. Im playing here for few weeks and I would love to have few thing's added to the game. Back in the day's I had my own L2j server offline on my PC to work on and to test some thing's that you can do. So i know for a fact that there is easy way how to turn off or turn on some feature's of the game. I would really love if you could enable function SHIFT + mouse click on MONSTER or RAID to see its Drop's and stat's. I don't really have any more issues with the game. I think adena and drop's are perfect. I love how hard the game is, and how many hour's player need to spend to get something. Thank's for your hard work your player Zhang Yang
  8. Hello people, I would like to share with you my traveling exploration photos from Rune Town and areas around Maybe this can save some time for you others who were wondering what is in shadow part of map. So I started my way from ORC VILLAGE, and from there I was swimming to Rune Castle After that I decided to explore around Rune Town As you can see, whole city is dead and not a single NPC is there, witch is pretty sad. I would love to read some kind of back storry or something. Or be able to trigger some hidden quest that would start some kind of event " Ressurection of Rune Town" or something like that hehe. After that I decided that would be cool to check entrance to PAGAN TEMPLE... And as expected it was empty too. Not a single guard nor device to get inside. So I decided to run around localitions... Death Forrest was empty too and Stakato was empty too... everything went smooth untill I get on the road to Varka and than it happened... I Hit a freaking invissible wall.... But I think... I hit it from different side than NCSOFT wanted me to hahaha So it was nice trip and as always, I could not find anything
  9. Clan Message

    Hello, I have an question. Is here any possiblity for CLAN LEADER to wirte some kind of message that will pop out for every clan member when they enter the game? I saw this function on lot of "Free to play servers" so Im wondering if is this kind of function here on OFFICIAL server's. Thanks for answer's and tips ZhangYang
  10. Disband of a Clan

    Hello NC-Soft stuff. I would like to ask you please if there is an possibility to disband my clan " LoneDesertSmoke " on server Gludio that I created accidentaly. I know there is week period of time till my request will be automatically done. For my experiance I remember to delete clan from database is pretty simply step, but it's requared to restart whole server. I have no idea if you have to make same step's on this version. Anyway, thanks for your hard work to bring us this game experiance and If there is possiblity restart server for me please I don't want to wait till wednesday