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  1. Im asking cuz It would be my 1st offical server. I started long time ago on L2 Paradise. Ok so I assume there is no point to play here. From what i read on forum, ill be stuck in 12h que before I join the game, and later there will be just dissapointment. Ok guys thank, and cya.
  2. So i guess we should relate to other classic 1.5 offical server by ncsoft yes?
  3. @avenza do you know the rates? This is basic information. I want to play here but how when I dont know the rates? Sorry for double post
  4. what? What do u mean? Can any GM please give me official info on rates, please.
  5. Rates are basics of the server. Before u join any server, you always check rates. Something smells fishy here. I do not understand how many people can play here not knowing basic thing like rates.
  6. Can I please have an information about rates on the server? Thanks.
  7. @up, well l2 alrdy had its peak its all downfall now
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